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Liz Lisa Winter Shopping 2013

Hello lovlies I’m going to share what other awesome pretty items I received along with my Liz Lisa 3900円 limited edition bag.  I use the shopping service Tenso and I really love their service, usually when I buy something from … Continue reading

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Liz Lisa Limited 3900¥ Bag

I ordered new items from Liz Lisa ❤ I bought the Official Limited 3900円 (yen) bag.  If you don’t know I’m such a sucker for limited items that’s the thing that gets me to buy.  If you are interested in … Continue reading

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Back to Bangs and Chocolate Brown Hairstyle

Hello my lovelies woo I’ve been overwhelmed with so many things happening in my life!  You can always keep up with me on Twitter and Instagram and Dayre. One great change I did was my hair! Since I couldn’t have … Continue reading

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3W CLINIC Fresh Cucumber Mask Sheet Review

Hey gals ❤ yes I’m still alive 🙂  I’ve been in such a blah mood lately no inspiration what so ever to do anything at all!!  Hopefully I get out of this rut I’ve tried a couple of sheet face … Continue reading

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New Hair Color Milk Tea Brown

Hello lovlies 🙂  Oh how I’ve missed my blog so much that I need to back blog but I’m going to blog about something I’ve done recently.  So if you noticed from my last blog post my hair looks a bit … Continue reading

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Victoria’s Secret PINK nail polish review and Summer Daze review

Hello gals/boys (since I see some of my readers who are guys :p )  I went to Victoria’s Secret a couple of weeks ago to pay my bill.  I try sooo hard not to look at things because I want … Continue reading

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Crêpes and Friends

The other day I went to eat with my friends Ely and Sadie.  We planned to go eat crêpes and catch up.  I didn’t have time to do my hair because I woke up late 😦 and I couldn’t find … Continue reading

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Candy Doll Makeup Base 01 Review

Since my blog is kind of new I’ve noticed I haven’t posted anything about Candy Doll products.  I don’t have all the products, but I’ve definitely tried most.  Tsubasa Masuwaka is my idol she’s so pretty, talented, and seems so friendly.  Tsubasa-chan … Continue reading

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Sushi and New Nails

It’s June already!! and the 20th will be my 25th Birthday waah ok let me worry about that later when it gets closer.  These couple of days have been so much fun!  I haven’t caught up with friends in a … Continue reading

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Shiseido Perfect Smoothing Compact Foundation Review

I changed powder foundations from Too Faced to Chanel. I loved Chanel powder foundation and I will write a review about it. Since Chanel powder foundation is $50 and it’s kind of pricey I decided to try something a bit … Continue reading

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