3W CLINIC Fresh Cucumber Mask Sheet Review

Hey gals ❤ yes I’m still alive 🙂  I’ve been in such a blah mood lately no inspiration what so ever to do anything at all!!  Hopefully I get out of this rut :/

I’ve tried a couple of sheet face masks before (different brands) and honestly I’ve never noticed anything different when wearing them, and the after results are usually just that my skin is a bit softer.  But THIS! OMG…


Before I apply a face sheet mask I like to wash my face first, and then exfoliate.  I feel like my skin will absorb the product better so it can seep into my skin without “anything getting in it’s way” so it can do its job.  I received this face mask for free when purchasing some ETUDE HOUSE products that I bought online from South Korea.  Since it’s summer I’m out in the sun a lot and my face will get either really oily or really dry.



The very first thing I noticed when I pulled the mask sheet out was that the product or serum wasn’t dripping off the sheet mask because usually the other ones I’ve tried have sort of a watery consistency when you pull them out of the packaging.  Yes a little bit of serum was left inside of the package but not most.  It also has a very fresh cucumber smell that’s not really strong that you won’t be able to stand it, it smells soo refreshing.  Be prepared to be scared hehe:


The sheet mask is 100% made out of cotton and you can tell that it makes a huge difference because all of the serum is absorbed in the cotton and the sheet mask is thicker than other ones I’ve tried.  When I applied the face mask it wasn’t slipping off my face and the sides stuck right onto my skin.


Of course not all face sheet masks are going to be cut like the structure of your face but with this face mask I didn’t have to cut certain parts.  Notice how they didn’t cut out the eye area they left the folds there so you can place it right underneath your eyes so there won’t be an empty space (like it is with other face masks) and it can hydrate them too.

3W CLINIC Fresh Cucumber Mask Sheet Review 5/5:

Like I said before I’ve never noticed a “change” while wearing a face mask.  Right when I applied this I felt as if I crushed a lot of cold cucumbers and put them on my face (without the mess and dripping water from them of course.)  It feels soo hydrating, cool, and refreshing perfect for the summer since it has been so hot lately.  I left it on for 30 minutes and the face mask didn’t dry out like other ones I’ve tried.  I felt so relaxed and when I took it off I rubbed the tiny bit of serum that was left from inside the package to my face and neck.  Afterwards I didn’t wash my face I let it dry and went to bed.  The next morning I definitely noticed a difference my face was soo hydrated, plump, and my skin looked clean and glowy.  I really love this face mask I will definitely buy this product next time after I use up the new Strawberry ones I bought 🙂

Here is a picture of me when I went to my bestfriends baby’s birthday.  I’m wearing a cream lace dress with hot pink wedges I love shoes!!  See how my hair looks blonde now wtf I wished it looked like it did in my old post 😦


I don’t know if my friend wants me to post her picture on here because it’s pretty late right now and I doubt she’s awake for me to ask her so I’ll respect her privacy but here is a pic do you like my bow??  I made it 🙂 :



I’m planing on filming a new YouTube video tomorrow since I’ve got a ask.fm I’ve got a couple of questions about when am I going to make a new video I’ve also thought about filming a makeup video in Spanish for my Latin readers 🙂  If you have any anonymous questions ask me on my ask.fm 🙂

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New Hair Color Milk Tea Brown

Hello lovlies 🙂  Oh how I’ve missed my blog so much that I need to back blog but I’m going to blog about something I’ve done recently.  So if you noticed from my last blog post my hair looks a bit different.  I dyed it 🙂  My roots were horrendous and screaming at me dye me!!  😛 haha no but really it was bad.  I was tired of having highlights it’s just so exhausting having to keep up with them and it’s also damaging so I was in between the colors dark red or milk tea brown.  I’ve had the bottom of my hair purple and pink before so I know having a bright color will stain your clothes, sheets when it’s wet so I was like naah so I dyed it a milk tea brown.

People here don’t really know what the color milk tea brown is it’s like a blonde ash beige color??  Of course my inspiration was my idol Tsubasa-chan 🙂  I Googled some pictures of the color milk tea brown and here is an old and new Palty ad that Tsubusa Masuwaka modeled for:



She’s soo pretty and perfect ❤ ❤  I think this hair color is soo cute but her hair doesn’t have pink and purple in it anymore this is a picture from her blog:


Ok sorry enough Tsubasa spam lol.  This time I didn’t dye my hair with my friend Steven :/ I love how he cuts and dyes my hair but it’s such a far drive from where I live it’s like over 1 hour drive.  I just wanted to dye my hair because it was soo bad I felt like:


I went to a local salon and the result was what I wanted but…now it looks almost blonde wtf -_- I guess that’s what I get for cheating on my hair stylist?? Haha because that’s how I felt like I even told him “sorry, you know what I feel like I cheated on you” hahaha.

I also don’t have bangs anymore that’s because the weather here is sooo hot!  My hair is naturally curly so when I step outside of the house I immediately sweat and my bangs shrivel up and look bad.  I just have side bangs right now (to hide my huge forehead lol) and I also trimmed my hair about 1-2 inches it looks so short 😦 but I REFUSE to cut it even more!  I know the ends look bad but it’s because of all the dyeing it’s been through especially bleaching it with all the highlights and stuff.

Emily’s Hair Tip:

iconvain(from a personal experience not a professional one ok)
-To keep your hair long and healthy I trim the ends about once a month or once every 2 months that way you won’t have split ends, and I feel like my hair grows faster.

Here are some camwhore pics of my new hair color with my natural curls no filter no nada (nothing in Spanish) just different lighting angles:






I’m such a nerd haha I’m just silly like that :p  When my roots grow out I may dye it darker because Fall is almost here but it definitely doesn’t feel like it here at all!  I also want to have bangs again that was fun 🙂 I’ll just wait until it get’s colder for that 🙂

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Kracie プチモア Petit Moi Hyaluronic Acid Oil Blotting Paper Review


Hey dolls I’m so excited to share with you one of my little secrets eehehehe (witch laugh) 🙂 Ok so I’ve tried many different oil blotting sheet brands that I usually find at the local store, or makeup store and honestly those do not compare to Kracie’s プチモア Puchimoa Petit Moi Hyaluronic Acid Oil Blotting Paper.  This is the 3rd time I buy these and the ones that I keep going back to because I LOVE THEM!!  These are my favorite oil blotting sheets ❤ ❤  I want to share with you one of my favorite items that I must carry in my makeup bag 🙂



Ahh what can I say?  The first thing that caught my attention was the packaging how girly and kawaii are they?  Perfect for gyaru’s since its pink and bling blingy deco’d out.  Here are pics of the packaging front and back:



This is what the lavender colored oil blotting paper looks like when you slide it out and notice how thin they are:



Kracie プチモア Petit Moi Hyaluronic Acid Oil Blotting Paper Review 5/5:

Like I said the first thing that caught my eye was the packaging, look how detailed and kawaii they are!  The packaging is pretty small (the size of my palm) and it fits anywhere so they’re great to travel with either on vacation or in your clutch when you go out with the girls.  The size of these oil blotting papers are pretty large compared to other brands that I’ve tried here in the U.S. and they are also thinner.  The length of the oil blotting papers are 10 cm and the width 7.5 cm.  You would think a thinner paper wouldn’t absorb as much but they do.  A number 1 thing is that it doesn’t take my makeup off!  Since it’s summer right now, my face gets pretty oily and I’ll need 2 sheets for my whole face.  During winter I’ll need only 1 since the only thing that gets oily is my T-zone (forehead, nose, and chin.)

As you know I’ve tried other brands here in the U.S. and the only thing they do is absorb oil but these also contain hyaluronic acid!  What is hyaluronic acid?  According to organicbeautyandskin.com hyaluronic acid is a natural ingredient found in our body and it secures moisture and creates fullness (younger looking skin) I provided the link for more information.  So these oil blotting papers won’t dry out your skin but also helps your skin too!  Another awesome thing is that these oil blotting papers contain 120 which is a really good amount for the small packaging it comes in.  You can find these oil blotting papers online since they’re from Japan.  I found these at a local Asian supermarket called 99 Ranch Market here in Houston located off of Katy Fwy.

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Not Feeling Well



Hello lovelies yes what an unglamorous photo of me haha but this week I’ve been sick.  So sick that I didn’t know it was Friday already -_- Oh soo sick that I have a sinus infection AND strep throat.  I’ve had sinus infections before because my nose is so fucked up seriously I’ve had it I want to chop it off!!  One day I will get sinus surgery…one day.  Sinus infections are seriously the worst feeling anyone could ever have.  I’ve had the worst migraines ever also.  I’ve been sleeping most of the day and waking up just to eat and going back to sleep.  The first 2 days I seriously thought I was on my death bed noo joke!  I went to the Dr. and they gave me medicine, I’m feeling a bit better but I still feel crappy because I have to force myself to eat and I really don’t have an appetite.  I just wanted to update my blog since I haven’t and I feel disconnected with it.  I had a great post lined up but I will get back to it when I feel better.  I really hope to finish it and hopefully post it later on today.  So wish me well I miss yall muah kisses xoxo -Emily ❤

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Seventeen セブンティーン Magazine May 2013

What? May? and you’re posting it now? Mmm yeah I haven’t got around to it 😛 but I want to share with my readers and fellow Houstonians.  I usually buy gyaru magazines, and honestly the only reason I buy Seventeen セブンティーン magazine from Japan is when they have freebies of Liz Lisa my favorite ❤ I’ve got a Liz Lisa floral tote, Liz Lisa pink floral mirror, and now a Liz Lisa floral makeup bag 🙂

Where can I buy Japanese magazines in Houston, Texas?  You can buy Japanese magazines at Nippan Daido off of Westheimer.  They don’t carry gyaru magazines like egg, Popteen, ageha, ect. 😦 but they do carry magazines for young girls such as Seventeen, wedding magazines, and some magazines for men.  They don’t carry Men’s Knuckle either 😦  Nippan Daido is a small Japanese market they sell candy, sweets, sake, mochi, drinks, food, some house hold items, and some beauty products.  Some of the beauty products I like that they carry are: Gatsby hair wax, some Hada Labo products (99 ranch is cheaper though), Dolly Wink pencil eyeliner in black and brown (last time I went they still had the old packaging and I buy mine on eBay because it’s cheaper,) Spring Heart KOJI eyelashes, and Sana Hadanomy products.

When I’m in this area I’m usually out at night so I don’t have a chance to go there to see what magazine/freebies they have.  I follow a gyaru named Suzu she’s from Germany I found her on Instagram and follow her blog I really like her style and she’s so nice 🙂  I saw that she got the Liz Lisa makeup bag from Seventeen and I was like OMG I have to go to see if they have any magazines left.  Well I was lucky and I got the last one 🙂 it cost $15 at Nippan Daido.


Here are some pictures of Liz Lisa clothing:


I want Liz Lisa shoes!!



aww it looks so pretty with Liz Lisa cosmetics ❤









It’s soo roomy and it has pockets inside.  I’ts not that cheaply made.  I love it super kawaii ❤  I also bought KOJI Spring Heart eyelashes they had a special set that contains 2 pairs of eyelashes.  One pair of these eyelashes are about $5 so I bought this set.  These eyelashes are ok they’re not as long as other eyelash brands I like, they are pretty “normal” looking so I’ll wear them when I do a naturalish makeup style.



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Fourth of July Nails



Hello lovlies 🙂 ahh I feel so bad I have been soo busy omg so many new and exciting things have happened to me lately so I will back blog 🙂  July 4 is Independence Day here in the United States it’s a national holiday and everyone celebrates usually by having barbecues, spending time with family and friends, and popping fireworks.  So of course knowing me I LOVE themes and decided to do Fourth of July nail art I designed and made myself.  My theme was stars and stripes like it is on our flag, and also red, white, blue (navy), and gold because I think it looks pretty 🙂 I love Hello Kitty and bows so I thought it would look cute on them 🙂 I also added gold glitter on top of the stars to make it look like fireworks 🙂



I put my blog logo right in the middle because I hate when people steal my photos and don’t give me credit of my hard work >_< errr lol.  That day I had regular makeup and no lenses because I was at my bay house and it’s like in the middle of no where and I was just inside my house and yard so 😛


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Trip to San Antonio

Hello dolls 🙂 If you follow me on Twitter or Instagram you would see that I took a trip to San Antonio, Texas 2 weeks ago 🙂  I went to San Antonio with my family for a small ‘family trip’ since both of my parents had vacation.  We usually go out of the country and rarely visit anywhere in the United States.  Since we didn’t plan to go anywhere my dad suggested why not go to San Antonio?  I’ve lived in Texas my whole life and I’ve never been to The Alamo -_-  San Antonio is a 3-4 hour drive from Houston (where I live.)  Here are a lot of pictures and information on my small trip I hope you enjoy 🙂

I’ve been to San Antonio before when I was younger to visit family and went to Sea World and I’ve never really experienced their Downtown area.  When we arrived I was shocked to see how small the Downtown area was compared to Houston I thought it would be just as big.  It’s really cute because it looks like a old little town that has many Spanish looking buildings.


This is the famous River Walk (paseo del río) it’s the San Antonio river that passes beneath Downtown and there are a lot of walkways there.  There are so many restaurants, bars, and clubs on the River Walk it’s really nice.  I want to go back with a group of my girl friends I think we would have a blast.  There are a lot of people my age that go to party I guess?  The local people are not like Houstonians at all I felt a little weird haha.  I know the water isn’t super clear but that’s Texas for you haha.


My mom said I took a picture like the Tejano singer Selena haha.  In the movie Selena, there is a part where she’s sitting on a bridge that looks like this one this probably isn’t the same bridge but whatever lol.


The Alamo


Yaay I finally went to The Alamo the original name is Misión San Antonio de Valero.  I thought it would be bigger but it’s small.  This is a famous historical monument here in Texas it was a mission.  A lot of southern states here in the United States were once Mexico.  There was a battle at the Alamo, Texans against Mexicans February 23–March 6, 1836.  We couldn’t take pictures inside of the Alamo or of the artifacts they have so I took pictures outside.


This tree is huge and really twisted I couldn’t take a good picture of it.  It even has a history this oak tree was 40 years old when it was moved and hauled by 4 mules and planted there in 1912.


Huge cacti outside The Alamo.  In my Mexican culture we eat cactus it has lots of vitamins, when it’s cooked it’s a little bitter but I usually eat it with eggs in the morning.


There are lots of memorial statues like these cannons that are outside.




There’s even a Japanese monument outside, I took this picture for my friends who live in Japan 🙂  A professor named Shigetaka Shiga presented this monument in 1914.  He compares what happened in the Alamo to The Siege of Nagashino Castle.


This raccoon hat was at the gift shop, it’s not real fur it’s faux.  This hat is like the one Davy Crockett used to wear, he died at the Alamo he was an American folk hero.  I didn’t buy that hat but I did buy a dream catcher necklace and overpriced fudge -_- oh well I ate it because I had a huge chocolate craving you know ladies when it’s that time of the month 😛  They also had watermelon, and mango flavored fudge it was a bit weird but it tasted good, but when I hear fudge I just think of the chocolate kind.


After visiting the Alamo we went back to the hotel to relax because omgosh it was soo hot outside.  My shirt and shorts are from Victoria’s Secret PINK.  We went out at night to eat.  I wanted to go to this weird restaurant called Dick’s Last Resort, it’s funny and weird because the theme there is that the waiters are soo rude and smart asses to customers.  That’s how that restaurant is but my dad didn’t want to go since they make you wear these paper hats that are supposed to look like condoms haha.



Ok so why did I post a picture of a lot of fish and ducks?  We sat down next to the River Walk to eat dessert mm it wasn’t so good but wtf?  When we sat down we saw all these fish swim right up to us and even the ducks.  They aren’t scared of people they were begging for food it reminded me of my dogs back home and made me miss them.  I thought it was pretty funny because I’ve never seen something like this and the ducks were sitting by my feet waiting for us to feed them.  I know you’re not supposed to feed the animals but I felt so bad for them I threw pieces of tortilla chips to them, animals need to eat too!


Small view of the River Walk from the hotel.  I stayed at the Westin Riverwalk Hotel it was really nice minus the no free Wi-Fi :/ so I couldn’t play my LINE Play on my iPad 😦 haha.


I am soo not a morning person so I wasn’t wearing makeup.  But I was soo happy they had a Starbucks inside the hotel ahh I love Starbucks.  I hope you enjoyed my small trip I know I didn’t take many pictures because my phone is soo stupid!  I can’t wait to get a new phone!!  I was so tired when I got home I slept all day and then I had to pack again to go to my bay house to celebrate my birthday that will be my next post after a makeup review 🙂 Peace

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Treats from Tokyo Giveaway Winner

Yaaay I was so (and still am) happy that I won a giveaway!!  I have luck in other things but dude I rarely win anything when it comes to raffles, giveaways, and contests.  I won Peach Milky Tea’s (Sophie) Giveaway!! 🙂 🙂  When I started my blog here on WordPress she was one of my first followers who showed me WordPress love, and I also follow her blog, FB, Twitter, YouTube, and Instagram.  By following her on all of those social media networks it helped me gain extra entries that helped me win her giveaway.  I really like her makeup and style she is super kawaii and nice 🙂  She emailed me right away to let me know I won and followed up saying that she sent me the package super sweet huh?  Soo da da da daaa here is what I won and what came all the way from lovely Ireland (sorry I don’t have a good camera 😦 )


Waahh cuteness overload! This giveaway was meant for me haha.  I looove ETUDE HOUSE products so I can’t wait to try these samples to see if I like them so I can buy the full size, plus these pencils are so cute for school.  I love face masks.  I love to deco.  Those bath salts are so kawaii too!


As you can see I wore the eyelashes already 😛 I needed new lashes asap and lucky me they came in just in time and omg ok Dolly Wink #1 Dolly Sweet is my faaave and now these are my favorite too!  Oishi kawaii maid cafe anime candy 🙂

giveaway3I also got a kawaii cell phone charm and I’m using it at the moment 🙂

Thank You so much Sophie for putting this lovely giveaway together for your readers.  Please check out her awesome blog > Peach Milky Tea. It makes me happy and excited that I want to give a giveaway too! 🙂

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Victoria’s Secret PINK nail polish review and Summer Daze review

Hello gals/boys (since I see some of my readers who are guys :p )  I went to Victoria’s Secret a couple of weeks ago to pay my bill.  I try sooo hard not to look at things because I want to buy everything!  I’m really crazy for the Victoria’s Secret PINK section, they have soo many cute things for the summer it’s cuteness overload!


Since I’m a Angel V.I.P. card holder I always get free panties, $10 off, and % off on bras.  My mom didn’t want her free pantie card so she gave it to me so I got 2 free panties, plus I had 2 $10 off coupon cards one was for my birthday, and the other one was because I’m a Angel V.I.P.  So I had to put these cards to good use 😉 I bought these items before the semi-annual sale :*( waaah.  I’m going to do a a review on 2 products that I bought and tested out and show you what I bought:


Victoria’s Secret PINK Mint Lace Holographic Star Skull shirt:

I loooove this shirt it’s soo me!  I love skulls soo much!  I’ve always have had an obsession with them since I was little.  This shirt has a skull and it’s eyes are hearts and the skull is made out of holographic stars ❤ I loove stars too I saw it and I couldn’t pass it up.  I like the pastel mint color it’s pretty for summer and it has lace on the back.




Outfit of the day:


I decided to pair this shirt with a Rokku style since I was going out at night and my friend was going to pick me up on his street bike.  My accessories and outfit are from:

Choker: Hippie fair in Rio de Janiero, Brazil
Chain Belt: Antonella store in Rio de Janiero, Brazil
Black pyramid bracelet: Urban Outfitters
Black cuff leather bracelet: Remember Fashion vintage rock store in Athens, Greece
Pants: American Eagle
Boots: Forever 21

As you can see I love to travel!! ❤ ❤



I’ve always wanted a bike!!  But they’re really dangerous some of my friends have had accidents on them :/  This motorcyle is a YAMAHA R1

Victoria’s Secret Free Panties

I honestly like Victoria’s Secret PINK panties better because I think they’re cuter but these are from Victoria’s Secret regular line.  I had the option to choose a thong and cheeky pantie they were free so I chose color’s I didn’t have.  The thong is nice because you can’t see a pantie line at all since it’s lace and very thin.


Victoria’s Secret PINK Nail Paint Review 5/5:


At first I was skeptical about this nail polish (they named it nail paint but I’m going to call it nail polish) and thought “oh it’s Victoria’s Secret PINK it will sell just because of the name.”  Honestly, I was shocked 0_0 this nail polish is just as good as O.P.I. and other high end nail polishes.  I am like the nail polish queen hehe and I’ve tried many!  This nail polish didn’t crack and lasted a long time.  Removing the nail polish was a pain because I had to use a lot of cotton soaked nail polish remover to take off the polish, but in my book that means it’s really good.  This color is called PINK ABOUT IT and it’s soo pretty, and bright pink perfect for summer.  I definitely want to buy more.  I wish they had the color mint :/ to match my shirt.  Each polish is $10 USD 13.2 ml/ 0.44 oz.  It’s 2 for $15 and you can mix and match either a nail polish or a lip gloss.  I bought 2 of the same color one for me and one to send to my friend since they don’t have Victoria’s Secret in her country.

Click on the picture below to see how the color looks on my nails from one of my previous posts:

Victoria’s Secret PINK Summer Daze Body Mist Review 2/5:




Since I worked in the perfume industry for years I’ll tell you exactly what I think this fragrance smells like.  Summer Daze:  The top note smells like hairspray, middle note smells like a light fresh clean scent, and the base note smells fresh and fruity.  I know hairspray doesn’t sound like a pleasant smell maybe because it contains alcohol, but out of the other summer fragrances Victoria’s Secret PINK has right now it was my favorite that I had to buy it so I categorize it as clean fresh fruity.

It smells really nice when you spray it on, but on my skin it didn’t last.  About 30 minutes later, I couldn’t smell the fragrance on my skin.  Sometimes there are fragrances that last and you can’t smell it on yourself but other people can.  Well I asked my friends and they couldn’t smell anything.  That’s why I rated it pretty low but the fragrance is really nice.  I’m really glad I didn’t buy the full size and I bought the travel size.  Since it’s a body mist I knew that the fragrance wouldn’t last but some surprisingly do.  I’ll wear this if I go to the gym, to the beach, or don’t feel like wearing a strong perfume because sometimes I get sinus headaches that I can’t wear perfume at all.  The travel size is $8 USD 75 ml/ 2.5 oz.

Makeup of the day:



Stay tuned to see what I got from Peach Milky Tea giveaway in my next post 🙂  I’m sorry I haven’t blogged I’ve been so busy but I will catch yall up to date about my crazy little adventures 🙂

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Hello lovely’s I feel so bad for neglecting my blog :*( I feel incomplete.  I’m not trying to I’ve just been supper busy so far summer has been crazy/fun I will update on products, my giveaway, and what I’ve been up to.  This week I went to San Antonio and yesterday was my birthday so now I’m 25 wish me youth and happiness 🙂 and if you want updates follow me on Twitter and Instagram 🙂 kisses muah


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