Away from the Internet

Hey!  It’s been a really really long time.  I have been away from my blog and YouTube.  When I was a student I had a lot of time to write posts, edit photos, and write in-depth reviews.  Not everyone’s life is perfect like the Internet or Instagram portrays, and just like everyone else my life was a roller coaster of ups and downs (more downs than ups.)  Life kicked in and I started working a full-time job.  At work I’m on the computer for 8 hours a day and then coming home and logging on the computer is the last thing I wanted to do.

Blogging and keeping up with social media is a 24 hour job.  One I could not keep up with.  I do miss interacting with different people all over the world and sharing beauty tips and makeup.  Makeup and skin care is a passion of mine, and I still like helping men and women with my tips.  Being on the Internet and sharing yourself with people can be a good thing but I also had stalkers and weirdo’s getting my personal information.  It’s terrifying the type of crazy people who are out there!  My safety was a big issue on why I stopped posting pictures and information about myself on all of my social media platforms.  I do miss it and I’m glad to see all the social media bloggers that I still follow are doing so well!

My style has changed a lot so I was worried my followers would not like my content anymore.  The “gal” or gyaru style has evolved and changed.  Now the “gals” look a bit similar to the style over here in the U.S.  I work in a professional business so business attire is required.  The weekends are the only days can wear my “regular” attire.

I want to continue to share my love of makeup and skin care products.  It has boomed these past couple of years.  New technology, new innovations have surfaced, and I want to try it all!  Thanks for reading let’s keep in touch 🙂

❤ Emily


About emilykawaii

My passion is makeup, skin care products, and travel. I love learning and exploring different beauty skin care tips and makeup.
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