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Well..well..well who do we have here?? Yes I’m back!!  Did you miss me?? I didn’t even think lovely people read my blog but I was wrong!  As I logged in I saw that I had comments and very nice comments 🙂  So I’m sitting here with my seaweed mask and waiting for my neon pink toes to dry I thought, you know what I need to update my blog for real.  I’ve been missing and I’m truly sorry to my readers.  A lot of things have been happening in my life so I’ve been out of touch with my social media.  It’s not that I don’t love it I really do, but because of the type of person I am sometimes I need to get out of touch with the world sometimes and take a vacay.

So on my Instagram I posted a pic and said I was sorry I haven’t been on a lot has happened in my life and a lovely follower said “ohh you must be in love” …nope haha not the case at all.  This year I wanted it to start awesome.  I wanted good changes and good vibes, but real life isn’t like that at all.

So after my grandma passed away I was a little depressed, you know those types of feelings happen from time to time.  But back in the day when I was a teenager I suffered a lot from depression.  I never told anyone how I felt because I thought I would cope with it on my own, but that doesn’t help at all.  Now that I’m thinking about i,t I think it was because at that age you can get the feeling that no one is on your side, no one understands you, and you feel alone.  I’ve changed a lot and learned throughout my life.  The changes that I’ve done is to always think and be positive because I believe when you put positive energy out into the world it comes back to you.

I was job searching for a looong time, I’m talking about 6 months ok!  Haha.  In the economy that I live in you wouldn’t think it would be so hard to find a job but it is.  Even my friends who graduated with degrees were having trouble finding jobs out of the University.  Of course when you do a new job search you want to:  1. Find a position that was better than your last.  2. Find a job that pays more.  That’s what I was doing and just because you “don’t have experience” they won’t hire you or even give you a chance.  I thought well there has to be someone that will give me a chance.


I was going to job interviews and I would get excited thinking “oh I got this I nailed it” and then I would get really disappointed that I didn’t get it.  I started to feel sad and honestly a little worthless.  Things just kept going down hill.  My car messed up, I couldn’t find a job, and then my dog Dulce got really really sick.  I mean I was like omgosh why are these things happening to me??  When will things get better??  I got in a rut and I couldn’t get out of it.  I was so out of it I didn’t even want to be on the internet anymore and trust me I love the internet haha.

My dog Dulce is still sick she has liver disease.  She was so sick I thought oh gosh I’m going to lose another dog and we have to put her down, but she is doing much better and we are hoping her liver will rejuvenate.

So yeah I was depressed and not feeling like myself at all.  I thought “man I haven’t felt like this in a loong time.”  My parents are very supportive of me and they would say “don’t worry someone will give you a chance when the time is right.”  I’m like umm ok I need money hello haha.  But someone did give me a chance and things started getting better.

So if you ever feel down or in a rut it’s ok it happens to everyone, no one is perfect, but just know you aren’t the only one feeling these things.  You should talk to someone and let it out because you will feel better, and TRUST ME things will get better for you!  I also know that I am very blessed and fortunate to have the family, friends, and things that I have, and I know people are in far worse situations than I am so I am very grateful.


Now I work a 8-5 job in a office and it’s a really good job.  I’m really happy and I want to continue in this industry.  Since I started working in an office I can’t have kawaii deco nails 😦  I can’t wear gyaru makeup either obviously.  I haven’t stocked up on new circle lenses, or eyelashes.  I had to stop buying clothes from Japan and buy boring office clothes -_-  Now I’ve become “one of them” haha the people that you get pissed off at around 12 pm because there is traffic just because it’s “lunch hour” haha.  I still love gyaru style I will always admire it.  But lately I guess I’m so used to the regular makeup that I even do it on the weekends.  Gyaru makeup for me takes about 1 1/2 hours and when I wear regular makeup it takes 30 minutes.

So yes I’ve gotten lazy because all I want to do when I get home from work is eat and sleep.  I don’t even work out, I started not having what I call Beauty Days anymore.  My nails are ALWAYS painted and I didn’t even wear nail polish for weeks.  Dude it was soo freakin bad ok that one morning I took a shower and shaved because I was going to wear a pencil skirt to work.  Let me just say that I noticed a small patch on my lower leg and I was like “Oh shit I forgot to shave here.  Oh well its not that noticeable.”  -_- It turns out I forgot to shave the whole leg!!  Hahahahaha I was like ok this needs to stop ASAP!


So if you think I’ve neglected my blog, I didn’t just neglect that but also my beauty routines haha.  I miss blogging, I miss sharing my reviews on products, I’ve tried MANY and I want to share my information with the world.  I was super happy to have read a comment from a reader saying that my method of explaining things is really helpful so YAAAY :*

Well that is my little update and I will make time for my blog I need to get myself in a routine also for working out because I need it baad haha.  It’s super late and I have a long day tomorrow.  My next post will be about a awesome package I received from Bunny Berri all the way from Australia stay tuned!



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One Response to New Updates

  1. Bunny.Berri says:

    Yay!! You updated! I’m glad things are going your way again! Hehehe! I hope you get the chance to blog more often soon!!


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