Mint Gold Crackle Nail Tutorial

Hello lovlies ❤ Spring is here!!  I know it’s here because my car is covered in yellow dust a.k.a. pollen and it’s allergy season yay haha 😛 and its like 63 °F/ 17 °C ughh crazy Houston weather.  Anyways…I need some color in my wardrobe so my color for Spring is mint ❤ I love mint colored clothes it’s soo cute and also mint chocolate chip ice cream yum!


I’m letting my nails grow out and what I call “breathe” because getting fake nails all the time can damage your real nails.  I do love fake nails because the nail polish doesn’t chip at all, like it does on real nails.  I don’t know if the crackle look is still “in” and honestly I don’t really care I think this combination looks cute so here is my mini tutorial…

I definitely knew I wanted a turquoise or mint color but I wasn’t sure how the gold crackle would look, so I took out my Ciaté nail color wheel and tested it.


I think the gold crackle shows up better on the mint but it also looks good on the turquoise.

These are the nail polishes I used.


From left to right:

Base Coat: Seche Clear Crystal Clear Base Coat

Sally Hansen HARD AS NAILS Xtreme Wear #340 Mint Sorbet

China Glaze CRACKLE Glaze #1043 Cracked Medallion

Top Coat: Seche Vite Dry Fast Top Coat

Steps to a Perfect Crackle Mani

1. The first thing you have to start off with is a base coat.  A base coat will protect your nail and won’t stain it.

2. I used 2 coats of Sally Hansen

3. 1 coat of China Glaze
**Emily’s Tips**

**DO NOT put a thin coat when using crackle nail polish it will look like thin lines (unless you want that look) make sure you put on one thick coat starting from the middle and then brush each side because it will separate into thick pieces.

4. Always make sure your nail polish is completely dry.  Add a clear top coat to seal the deal.

**I know this sounds unhealthy and bad BUT it works all the time for me if you don’t know if your nail polish is dry and you don’t want to mess up your mani by making a ugly dent what I do is I lick one nail I know it sounds gross haha but if it tastes bitter it’s not dry and if it doesn’t taste bitter then it’s dry.



If you follow me on Twitter or Instagram  you know that I went to an anime convention and I met one of my favorite Visual Kei bands Nightmare I will post it on my next blog post so stay tuned…



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My passion is makeup, skin care products, and travel. I love learning and exploring different beauty skin care tips and makeup.
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  1. rathofeden says:

    I loves the nails!


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