Liz Lisa Winter Shopping 2013

Hello lovlies I’m going to share what other awesome pretty items I received along with my Liz Lisa 3900円 limited edition bag.  I use the shopping service Tenso and I really love their service, usually when I buy something from Japan I buy a lot so it’s worth the shipping fee.

Here is a flyer that I received with my purchase I got a cute little magnet (bottom right)


With my purchase I got these free cute Liz Lisa candles the blue one smells like vanilla and the pink one smells like roses.


I just had to buy this cozy jacket it’s soo warm and fluffy I LOVE IT!  Plus it was on sale 🙂  I get a lot of compliments on it and people always want to feel how soft it is 🙂



Super comfy I’m wearing it with my Liz Lisa dress ❤

melljacket1melljacket2When I saw the bow on it I thought aaa kawaii I want!  I need more long sleeve sweater shirts because I don’t have a lot.


The bow has polka dots on it


This shirt is so pretty the lighting is bad but it’s white super girly and elegant.


The back has buttons.


Japanese clothes are very detailed look at the lace.


I’ve always wanted Liz Lisa handkerchiefs and every time I order clothes they never have any in stock, so I bought 2 when I saw that they had some.  I think the first one looks like me 😛 a girl with curly hair and a huge bow ❤  The blue one reminded me of Marie Antoinette idk why I guess because of the color and roses??  Blue isn’t a color I wear at all but I thought it looked really pretty.



My first Champouf plush.  It’s a cell phone holder and it’s soo kawaii!!!  They had this in pink also but I liked the white even if it might get dirty.  My iPhone 5 fits inside and even though it has a plastic covering I can still use my touchscreen phone.


You can hang it on a purse, and the closing part is made out of velcro.


Hehe it goes with my fluffy jacket.


I hope you enjoyed my shopping 🙂  I also bought one more thing…The Liz Lisa fukubukuro 2014!!  I really enjoyed last years fukubukuro and honestly it’s better to invest in the suitcase because you get a lot more items and come on look at this suitcase!!  It was a little expensive but totally worth it because it has 9 items inside and it’s worth a lot, plus they also throw in extra items inside.


I should of bought the Ribbon Boston because I really like the camel color I think it goes with my Liz Lisa boots but now it’s sold out :*( (Berri Doll just notified me via Twitter that they do still have it yay!) But don’t worry!  Last time I checked all of the fukubukuro are sold out but in January if they have a lot left over they sell them online.  So don’t worry there’s still hope 🙂




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17 Responses to Liz Lisa Winter Shopping 2013

  1. Bunny.Berri says:

    I have that knit blouse and wow, it’s so warm! I love it!! 😀 And the blouse, I have it too! In blue~ hehe. I love your coat it’s so nice!! Nice haul~ And omg, you got the trunk?!?! Wooooo! I can’t wait to see the contents 😀

  2. yuan dainty says:

    omg! the long sleeve sweater is so cute!

  3. Alana says:

    Thank you for sharing this) And sorry for such question-I always going to buy some liz lisa clothes like dress,but I worry they does not fit me)What European size does Liz lisa clothes fit? thank you so much

    • emilykawaii says:

      I’m not too familiar with European sizes but it would be a small maybe 24?? It also depends if the clothes would be stretchy like my jacket and dress so a size medium would be able to wear it. The chest part fits me too small because it is made for a smaller person lol I hope this helps Alana thank you for reading my blog 🙂

  4. modosuki says:

    I love the cell phone holder!! Super cute!

  5. Hello~ I nominated your blog for the Liebster Blog Award! ^_^ Please kindly check my post here :

  6. pyuna says:

    That coat does look really comfy~ I’d wear it 8D

  7. Ashley says:

    Would you consider selling your champouf phone holder?

  8. fajer says:

    Am looking for one of these bags where you think i can find


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