Liz Lisa Limited 3900¥ Bag

I ordered new items from Liz Lisa ❤ I bought the Official Limited 3900円 (yen) bag.  If you don’t know I’m such a sucker for limited items that’s the thing that gets me to buy.  If you are interested in purchasing it you can still buy it it’s still in stock (as of right now) CLICK HERE

You never know what you will receive in these bags usually it will say 2 tops 1 bottom, but in this bag you will receive 3 items one is a inner camisole or inner pants.  If you are wondering about the size Liz Lisa clothing is all Free Size meaning one size fits all it’s usually a size small.

Here is a stock photo: 


Here are my photos so you can see that the color is different from online.  The lighting in my room is kind of bad but its a highlighter pink and the bag is made out of plastic material, maybe I can carry my school books or clothes when I go out.


The top has a zipper:


Here is what I received:

Over sized brown sweater.  I still haven’t tried it on and since I’m short I don’t know if it will look nice on me maybe I can wear it with leggings??  Or wear it on a comfy day.  Still undecided if I should keep it or not :/


Like my hangers??  Super kawaii ❤

A creme long sleeve shirt it’s hard to see but on the bottom right it has a purse and on the left it has a antique mirror.





Haha I never opened it because…


I bought these 2 weeks ago!! 😦 I wish I would of got the white/creme one but at the time it was sold out so I decided to get these to wear under dresses, but I got another pair!!  I don’t know if I should keep it but what’s the point of having 2 same exact things in your closet…hmm I don’t know?? Maybe I will sell it with my other Liz Lisa items I have never worn or opened.

I am cleaning out my closet.  I had to take a break because I had finals this week and yay it’s over!!  I’m not done yet aaaa I seriously have soo many clothes, bags, and shoes.  I don’t wear most of it because I’m that type of person that’s like “oh it’s still good I’ll wear it one day”…and that day never comes.  I need to make room for new clothes and some things I just don’t like anymore but it’s in very good condition because I take good care of my things.  I will sell the good items online.

I need to part what I’m going to sell and what I will donate.  Some things still have the tag and have never been opened, and shoes never worn still in the box because they didn’t fit :/ I organized one side of my closet and I’m changing all the hangers also.  No more ugly plastic or wire ones, now felt 🙂  I like it because the clothes that usually slide off won’t and they also take up less space which is awesome.  I found these heart hangers but I bought the last 2 sets 😦 since it’s at those shops where they sell things once and you probably won’t find them again.  I’m using these just for my clothes from Japan 🙂 because they are super kawaii!! 🙂 First section is Liz Lisa, Ank Rouge, Tralala, and then Yumetenbo.  I bought regular pink felt ones for my normal day clothing.


I posted this on my Instagram and Dayre.  I know I plastered my blog name all over it, it’s because I AM TIRED OF PEOPLE STEALING MY PICTURES AND NOT GIVING ME CREDIT!!  I don’t care if you save it because you like it or whatever if you are going to repost this somewhere hey at least give me some credit.  I had a problem with a webshop from a different country because they used MY picture to help them sell some eyelashes that I reviewed and posted on my blog umm…I’m helping you promote and sell items yet I don’t know about it and I’m not getting paid for it??


Not cool bro, but I took care of it.

Don’t think my shopping ended I have more Liz Lisa items that I purchased but you will have to wait until next post 🙂  Here is a preview:




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5 Responses to Liz Lisa Limited 3900¥ Bag

  1. Bunny.Berri says:

    Aww, I think that cardigan is really cute~ I think it would looks nice with leggings and uggs on cool days. And the top is nice too! I like it. That’s funny about the shorts. that happened to me too but with a top XD I sold the second one though. If that helps you. Oh, and you can get those hangers on ‘dainty’ on StoreNVY. But in different colours and such. Hope that helps.

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