Back to Bangs and Chocolate Brown Hairstyle

Hello my lovelies woo I’ve been overwhelmed with so many things happening in my life!  You can always keep up with me on Twitter and Instagram and Dayre.
iconwhy One great change I did was my hair! Since I couldn’t have bangs in the summer (because I have natural curly hair and when I would sweat it wouldn’t be straight anymore) I decided to do it in the fall/winter.  I also wanted to dye my hair a darker color. When I was a child I had natural light brown hair with blonde low lights but as I aged it changed to dark brown 😦 But keeping up with light hair is a pain because you have to constantly retouch your roots. So I decided why not a chocolate brown?? I’ve noticed a lot of gyaru models have dyed their hair darker for the winter.  When I look in the mirror I feel like a different person because of my new hair color and style, does that happen to you too??



I went to get my hair done with my friend Steven seriously he works wonders!! This is how horrible it was before dyeing it my roots were showing and ends needed a serious cut.



I told Steven I wanted a chocolate brown but he said that he will dye my roots a darker brown than the rest so I can have more texture.  That way when it starts fading and growing out my roots won’t be that noticeable like how it is when you have light hair.

hairbrown4This is when I noticed hey look a Hello Kitty balloon :p all late lol.

My makeup is for school I don’t put that much effort into it because I’m just there to attend class and leave you can’t even tell I’m wearing half eyelashes.


This is the next day when I styled it and….


I got bangs again and I cut off like 2 inches off my hair it was soo bad.  The color is not that dark anymore but I was seriously shocked to see my picture from February I was blonde 0_0 omgosh I thought I was a honey brown haha.

bbme8HUGE difference huh?? This is my washed out hair color.


This was my “natural” makeup for Thanksgiving I didn’t wear my gyaru makeup because I hate getting criticized about my makeup and all that from my family so I’d rather avoid it I get tired of it does this happen to you also??  Right now what’s popular in Japan is brown eyeliner, and lashes I’m wearing brown half eyelashes here also.


Do you like my Liz Lisa coat?? I got it in the tote fukubukuro.


Do you like my phone case??  (better pic below) I made it by hand.  This was my first attempt of making a pearl deco case and I like it a lot!  I’m testing out the glue to see if it will hold because I plan on making more to sell, what do you think do you like??


You can see the color a bit better in this picture.


This is a current picture of my hair.  Guess what?? I’m tired of bangs now I don’t know why I’m not really feeling them anymore, now I’m going to grow them out.  They will grow out fast because my hair and nails grow super fast.

Can you believe its December already!!  I can’t I still need to do Christmas shopping.  I bought some AWESOME Black Friday purchases eee can’t wait to share with yall but first I will post some Liz Lisa happy bags that I got in SPRING!! Omgosh let me post these before the year is over ok!  Miss yall :*



About emilykawaii

My passion is makeup, skin care products, and travel. I love learning and exploring different beauty skin care tips and makeup.
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6 Responses to Back to Bangs and Chocolate Brown Hairstyle

  1. So the dark brown fades to lighter brown? Is it because the previous colour is blonde? I’m planning to dye my hair too but I don’t know what colour will suit me T_T The dark brown looks so pretty on you! ^_^

  2. Bunny.Berri says:

    I already posted about your hair on Dayre but I’ll say it again, you look bomb! Brown eyemake suits you so much!! Your phone deco is so niiiiccceeeeee!

  3. Kayla N says:

    I love your new hair!!
    I’m sorry your family doesn’t except your makeup.


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