The Manipulator People Pleaser

Hello lovlies ❤ I’ve missed you, miss me??  I’ve been trying to do really good in school and when the weekend comes I want to go out and dance and relieve stress, and then be lazy all day Sunday so sorry for the lack of posts.  I’ve made new purchases lately and I’m soo excited to share with you!!  Some of these products I’ve been using for a while but since the packaging is new I can take pretty pictures and all that great stuff.

In my previous post I talked about the relationship I had and I honestly wouldn’t call it a relationship since it didn’t last very long.  Something has been bothering me since I posted it, was that I made him sound like he was a nice guy and HE WASN’T!!  It’s not like everyone knows who he is, but don’t let outside appearances and gestures fool you.  I know posting about my personal life isn’t so great to some people but I see it as a lesson that I’ve learned.  My blog helps me vent about my feelings and my personal experiences that I want to share with yall so you can learn from it as well and don’t have to go through these horrible experiences, or you can just relate to it if you’re a gal/guy.

I honestly always get away from this type of guy the one I’m about to describe and I know they come in many shapes, and sizes but this one was a sneaky one.


The Manipulator

I never saw it coming!  I swear I didn’t.  Ladies let me tell you and trust me I know this from the get go but when you’re in this type of situation it’s a bit different.  Seriously when a woman says NO to ANYTHING it means NO.  He NEVER respected that and I was so dumb -_- durr.  So gals/guys do not be pushy and don’t make lame ass excuses when a lady says no it means no ok??

The People Pleaser

Maybe because of his job he ended up being like this in real life but it was a no no!  Ok one time we went to a friends birthday party at a club in Midtown and we met with my friend and her group of friends which are my acquaintances.  One of the girls boyfriends was making a HUGE deal because of how “long my nails were” ok you’ve seen my gyaru nails posted here on my blog and compared to how other people here in the U.S. wear their nails yes it may seem a bit long.  But seriously, my nails aren’t like long huge claws.  Well he was telling Mr. People pleaser about them in front of me “how can she do anything?  They are so looong eww” and you know what he did?? he said “I know right” WTF I got pissed off and I was like your’e going to agree with him and not defend me??  In my face you tell me you like them but when another person says something you have to agree with him??  Not just in that type of situation but in many he will agree with people or me and then talk shit about them umm wtf??  The best thing to do is be yourself in any type of relationship whether its bf/gf and friend type of relationship.

Serial Killer Stare

OMG this one is a fuckin weird one ok.  Like seriously I’d be sitting watching TV and from my peripheral vision I’d know he was standing there I wouldn’t look at him because hello I’m watching TV and after so long then I’d look at him and he was just standing there staring at me the whole time!  If I was sitting next to him he would stare at me for about 4 minutes straight and this is the creepy fuckin part he wouldn’t blink!!!  OMG that was really freaky seriously he would do that all the time.  He also knows where I live so I still kind of get scared if he were to stalk me because at first he didn’t seem like that type, but when he would drive and someone would piss him off he’d go crazy and would want to chase after them umm red flag hello anger issues.  So if anything happens to me this is a person who would be on my top list.


This is one of my BIGGEST pet peeves and at first I didn’t mind it at all, but he was soo freakin cheap!!  He never once offered to buy me anything not even something cheap and small when I’d say it’s cute and give little hints.  Like I said at first I didn’t mind it at all but then if I’m going to continue being with this person who doesn’t want to buy me any gifts or anything at all then wtf is he just a friend?? I don’t think so.

Desperate for Love

He fell in love with me sooo fast and it was really scary like seriously I wouldn’t be surprised if he asked me to marry him.  That right there is what guys think gals like but in reality it’s not well at least for my friends and me.  Not even a week after, my friend found him on a dating chat app like seriously the only reason she went on it was because she heard funny stories from her friend and she wanted to see what it was about and she found him.  He is seriously desperate to be with someone because the only people who messaged her on there were weirdos and creepos.

There is one thing I think he needs is Brace Philosophy do you know what Brace Philosophy is??  Let me show you a clip from Brace’s YouTube channel.  Brace is my favorite person from the show Gigolos on Showtime.  Gigolos is a reality show about the gigolo lifestyle the most amusing reality comedy show I’ve seen haha you should watch it too but with no one around because they show almost everything…well everything hahaha.  When I watched this I was like OMG haha this is him right here!!   So I hope you enjoy watching it 🙂

I’m just going to enjoy my “youth” haha which I really don’t feel like it even though I do look young for my age.  I just want to be freeee and be selfish and focus on myself and my goals.  I hope you have a lovely day/evening 🙂 :*



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