3W CLINIC Fresh Cucumber Mask Sheet Review

Hey gals ❤ yes I’m still alive 🙂  I’ve been in such a blah mood lately no inspiration what so ever to do anything at all!!  Hopefully I get out of this rut :/

I’ve tried a couple of sheet face masks before (different brands) and honestly I’ve never noticed anything different when wearing them, and the after results are usually just that my skin is a bit softer.  But THIS! OMG…


Before I apply a face sheet mask I like to wash my face first, and then exfoliate.  I feel like my skin will absorb the product better so it can seep into my skin without “anything getting in it’s way” so it can do its job.  I received this face mask for free when purchasing some ETUDE HOUSE products that I bought online from South Korea.  Since it’s summer I’m out in the sun a lot and my face will get either really oily or really dry.



The very first thing I noticed when I pulled the mask sheet out was that the product or serum wasn’t dripping off the sheet mask because usually the other ones I’ve tried have sort of a watery consistency when you pull them out of the packaging.  Yes a little bit of serum was left inside of the package but not most.  It also has a very fresh cucumber smell that’s not really strong that you won’t be able to stand it, it smells soo refreshing.  Be prepared to be scared hehe:


The sheet mask is 100% made out of cotton and you can tell that it makes a huge difference because all of the serum is absorbed in the cotton and the sheet mask is thicker than other ones I’ve tried.  When I applied the face mask it wasn’t slipping off my face and the sides stuck right onto my skin.


Of course not all face sheet masks are going to be cut like the structure of your face but with this face mask I didn’t have to cut certain parts.  Notice how they didn’t cut out the eye area they left the folds there so you can place it right underneath your eyes so there won’t be an empty space (like it is with other face masks) and it can hydrate them too.

3W CLINIC Fresh Cucumber Mask Sheet Review 5/5:

Like I said before I’ve never noticed a “change” while wearing a face mask.  Right when I applied this I felt as if I crushed a lot of cold cucumbers and put them on my face (without the mess and dripping water from them of course.)  It feels soo hydrating, cool, and refreshing perfect for the summer since it has been so hot lately.  I left it on for 30 minutes and the face mask didn’t dry out like other ones I’ve tried.  I felt so relaxed and when I took it off I rubbed the tiny bit of serum that was left from inside the package to my face and neck.  Afterwards I didn’t wash my face I let it dry and went to bed.  The next morning I definitely noticed a difference my face was soo hydrated, plump, and my skin looked clean and glowy.  I really love this face mask I will definitely buy this product next time after I use up the new Strawberry ones I bought 🙂

Here is a picture of me when I went to my bestfriends baby’s birthday.  I’m wearing a cream lace dress with hot pink wedges I love shoes!!  See how my hair looks blonde now wtf I wished it looked like it did in my old post 😦


I don’t know if my friend wants me to post her picture on here because it’s pretty late right now and I doubt she’s awake for me to ask her so I’ll respect her privacy but here is a pic do you like my bow??  I made it 🙂 :



I’m planing on filming a new YouTube video tomorrow since I’ve got a ask.fm I’ve got a couple of questions about when am I going to make a new video I’ve also thought about filming a makeup video in Spanish for my Latin readers 🙂  If you have any anonymous questions ask me on my ask.fm 🙂


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6 Responses to 3W CLINIC Fresh Cucumber Mask Sheet Review

  1. Your pink wedges are really cute! Might try a cucumber mask ones.

  2. hideki says:

    Hi Emily!
    I remember from childhood days, Cucumber products are really really good for the skin!
    It’s very moisturizing and full of nutrients, too! =D


  3. Grey says:

    Hello. Mind telling me where you bought it and how much does it cost ? 😀


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