New Hair Color Milk Tea Brown

Hello lovlies 🙂  Oh how I’ve missed my blog so much that I need to back blog but I’m going to blog about something I’ve done recently.  So if you noticed from my last blog post my hair looks a bit different.  I dyed it 🙂  My roots were horrendous and screaming at me dye me!!  😛 haha no but really it was bad.  I was tired of having highlights it’s just so exhausting having to keep up with them and it’s also damaging so I was in between the colors dark red or milk tea brown.  I’ve had the bottom of my hair purple and pink before so I know having a bright color will stain your clothes, sheets when it’s wet so I was like naah so I dyed it a milk tea brown.

People here don’t really know what the color milk tea brown is it’s like a blonde ash beige color??  Of course my inspiration was my idol Tsubasa-chan 🙂  I Googled some pictures of the color milk tea brown and here is an old and new Palty ad that Tsubusa Masuwaka modeled for:



She’s soo pretty and perfect ❤ ❤  I think this hair color is soo cute but her hair doesn’t have pink and purple in it anymore this is a picture from her blog:


Ok sorry enough Tsubasa spam lol.  This time I didn’t dye my hair with my friend Steven :/ I love how he cuts and dyes my hair but it’s such a far drive from where I live it’s like over 1 hour drive.  I just wanted to dye my hair because it was soo bad I felt like:


I went to a local salon and the result was what I wanted but…now it looks almost blonde wtf -_- I guess that’s what I get for cheating on my hair stylist?? Haha because that’s how I felt like I even told him “sorry, you know what I feel like I cheated on you” hahaha.

I also don’t have bangs anymore that’s because the weather here is sooo hot!  My hair is naturally curly so when I step outside of the house I immediately sweat and my bangs shrivel up and look bad.  I just have side bangs right now (to hide my huge forehead lol) and I also trimmed my hair about 1-2 inches it looks so short 😦 but I REFUSE to cut it even more!  I know the ends look bad but it’s because of all the dyeing it’s been through especially bleaching it with all the highlights and stuff.

Emily’s Hair Tip:

iconvain(from a personal experience not a professional one ok)
-To keep your hair long and healthy I trim the ends about once a month or once every 2 months that way you won’t have split ends, and I feel like my hair grows faster.

Here are some camwhore pics of my new hair color with my natural curls no filter no nada (nothing in Spanish) just different lighting angles:






I’m such a nerd haha I’m just silly like that :p  When my roots grow out I may dye it darker because Fall is almost here but it definitely doesn’t feel like it here at all!  I also want to have bangs again that was fun 🙂 I’ll just wait until it get’s colder for that 🙂


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10 Responses to New Hair Color Milk Tea Brown

  1. mumsventzone says:

    I love your hair! It looks good on you but I also miss your dark hair! You should alternate so when winter comes you can rock the dark colors 🙂

  2. You are looks lovely X)

  3. yuandainty says:

    kawaii!! love your hair emily-san (>o<)b

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  5. krystal ★ says:

    You look so cute with this hair style ! ^___^


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