Seventeen セブンティーン Magazine May 2013

What? May? and you’re posting it now? Mmm yeah I haven’t got around to it 😛 but I want to share with my readers and fellow Houstonians.  I usually buy gyaru magazines, and honestly the only reason I buy Seventeen セブンティーン magazine from Japan is when they have freebies of Liz Lisa my favorite ❤ I’ve got a Liz Lisa floral tote, Liz Lisa pink floral mirror, and now a Liz Lisa floral makeup bag 🙂

Where can I buy Japanese magazines in Houston, Texas?  You can buy Japanese magazines at Nippan Daido off of Westheimer.  They don’t carry gyaru magazines like egg, Popteen, ageha, ect. 😦 but they do carry magazines for young girls such as Seventeen, wedding magazines, and some magazines for men.  They don’t carry Men’s Knuckle either 😦  Nippan Daido is a small Japanese market they sell candy, sweets, sake, mochi, drinks, food, some house hold items, and some beauty products.  Some of the beauty products I like that they carry are: Gatsby hair wax, some Hada Labo products (99 ranch is cheaper though), Dolly Wink pencil eyeliner in black and brown (last time I went they still had the old packaging and I buy mine on eBay because it’s cheaper,) Spring Heart KOJI eyelashes, and Sana Hadanomy products.

When I’m in this area I’m usually out at night so I don’t have a chance to go there to see what magazine/freebies they have.  I follow a gyaru named Suzu she’s from Germany I found her on Instagram and follow her blog I really like her style and she’s so nice 🙂  I saw that she got the Liz Lisa makeup bag from Seventeen and I was like OMG I have to go to see if they have any magazines left.  Well I was lucky and I got the last one 🙂 it cost $15 at Nippan Daido.


Here are some pictures of Liz Lisa clothing:


I want Liz Lisa shoes!!



aww it looks so pretty with Liz Lisa cosmetics ❤









It’s soo roomy and it has pockets inside.  I’ts not that cheaply made.  I love it super kawaii ❤  I also bought KOJI Spring Heart eyelashes they had a special set that contains 2 pairs of eyelashes.  One pair of these eyelashes are about $5 so I bought this set.  These eyelashes are ok they’re not as long as other eyelash brands I like, they are pretty “normal” looking so I’ll wear them when I do a naturalish makeup style.




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2 Responses to Seventeen セブンティーン Magazine May 2013

  1. yuandaitny says:

    Cute makeup bag 😀
    in my Country, there are some bookstores named “Kinokuniya” that sell a lot of Japanese fashion magazines like Popteen, Ageha, Egg, Kera, etc 🙂


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