Victoria’s Secret PINK nail polish review and Summer Daze review

Hello gals/boys (since I see some of my readers who are guys :p )  I went to Victoria’s Secret a couple of weeks ago to pay my bill.  I try sooo hard not to look at things because I want to buy everything!  I’m really crazy for the Victoria’s Secret PINK section, they have soo many cute things for the summer it’s cuteness overload!


Since I’m a Angel V.I.P. card holder I always get free panties, $10 off, and % off on bras.  My mom didn’t want her free pantie card so she gave it to me so I got 2 free panties, plus I had 2 $10 off coupon cards one was for my birthday, and the other one was because I’m a Angel V.I.P.  So I had to put these cards to good use 😉 I bought these items before the semi-annual sale :*( waaah.  I’m going to do a a review on 2 products that I bought and tested out and show you what I bought:


Victoria’s Secret PINK Mint Lace Holographic Star Skull shirt:

I loooove this shirt it’s soo me!  I love skulls soo much!  I’ve always have had an obsession with them since I was little.  This shirt has a skull and it’s eyes are hearts and the skull is made out of holographic stars ❤ I loove stars too I saw it and I couldn’t pass it up.  I like the pastel mint color it’s pretty for summer and it has lace on the back.




Outfit of the day:


I decided to pair this shirt with a Rokku style since I was going out at night and my friend was going to pick me up on his street bike.  My accessories and outfit are from:

Choker: Hippie fair in Rio de Janiero, Brazil
Chain Belt: Antonella store in Rio de Janiero, Brazil
Black pyramid bracelet: Urban Outfitters
Black cuff leather bracelet: Remember Fashion vintage rock store in Athens, Greece
Pants: American Eagle
Boots: Forever 21

As you can see I love to travel!! ❤ ❤



I’ve always wanted a bike!!  But they’re really dangerous some of my friends have had accidents on them :/  This motorcyle is a YAMAHA R1

Victoria’s Secret Free Panties

I honestly like Victoria’s Secret PINK panties better because I think they’re cuter but these are from Victoria’s Secret regular line.  I had the option to choose a thong and cheeky pantie they were free so I chose color’s I didn’t have.  The thong is nice because you can’t see a pantie line at all since it’s lace and very thin.


Victoria’s Secret PINK Nail Paint Review 5/5:


At first I was skeptical about this nail polish (they named it nail paint but I’m going to call it nail polish) and thought “oh it’s Victoria’s Secret PINK it will sell just because of the name.”  Honestly, I was shocked 0_0 this nail polish is just as good as O.P.I. and other high end nail polishes.  I am like the nail polish queen hehe and I’ve tried many!  This nail polish didn’t crack and lasted a long time.  Removing the nail polish was a pain because I had to use a lot of cotton soaked nail polish remover to take off the polish, but in my book that means it’s really good.  This color is called PINK ABOUT IT and it’s soo pretty, and bright pink perfect for summer.  I definitely want to buy more.  I wish they had the color mint :/ to match my shirt.  Each polish is $10 USD 13.2 ml/ 0.44 oz.  It’s 2 for $15 and you can mix and match either a nail polish or a lip gloss.  I bought 2 of the same color one for me and one to send to my friend since they don’t have Victoria’s Secret in her country.

Click on the picture below to see how the color looks on my nails from one of my previous posts:

Victoria’s Secret PINK Summer Daze Body Mist Review 2/5:




Since I worked in the perfume industry for years I’ll tell you exactly what I think this fragrance smells like.  Summer Daze:  The top note smells like hairspray, middle note smells like a light fresh clean scent, and the base note smells fresh and fruity.  I know hairspray doesn’t sound like a pleasant smell maybe because it contains alcohol, but out of the other summer fragrances Victoria’s Secret PINK has right now it was my favorite that I had to buy it so I categorize it as clean fresh fruity.

It smells really nice when you spray it on, but on my skin it didn’t last.  About 30 minutes later, I couldn’t smell the fragrance on my skin.  Sometimes there are fragrances that last and you can’t smell it on yourself but other people can.  Well I asked my friends and they couldn’t smell anything.  That’s why I rated it pretty low but the fragrance is really nice.  I’m really glad I didn’t buy the full size and I bought the travel size.  Since it’s a body mist I knew that the fragrance wouldn’t last but some surprisingly do.  I’ll wear this if I go to the gym, to the beach, or don’t feel like wearing a strong perfume because sometimes I get sinus headaches that I can’t wear perfume at all.  The travel size is $8 USD 75 ml/ 2.5 oz.

Makeup of the day:



Stay tuned to see what I got from Peach Milky Tea giveaway in my next post 🙂  I’m sorry I haven’t blogged I’ve been so busy but I will catch yall up to date about my crazy little adventures 🙂


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  2. gyarukeira says:

    That skull shirt is so cute! You should totally get a motorcycle, it suits you.

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