Crêpes and Friends

The other day I went to eat with my friends Ely and Sadie.  We planned to go eat crêpes and catch up.  I didn’t have time to do my hair because I woke up late 😦 and I couldn’t find my white bow 😦 so that’s why my hair wasn’t so cute.  I have naturally curly hair sometimes I like it but you know how it is girl’s with straight hair want curly hair, and girl’s with curly hair want straight -_-  I wore my new Deary/dreamvs/yumetenbo dress I don’t even know what to call it since many people say different names for this brand but the tag says Deary.

Ely and me

We were really hungry so we went to eat at this salad bar I’ve never been to called Salata in Vintage Park.  Vintage Park is pretty and new it has a Italian theme.  Salata was soo good and yummy.  They also carry wraps but the main thing to get is salad.  They serve it in a big silver bowl and prepare it for you, all you do is tell them what you want.  They have a variety of lettuce, spinach, vegetables, and dressings.  It was soo delicious and they carry TAZO organic green tea ahh my favorite I always get it when I go to Starbucks, it hit the spot since it was such a hot day outside 94ºF which is 34ºC I have to get used to the weather now since it will rise up to 100ºF 37ºC!

Salad and green tea

I didn’t even finish this because it’s a lot and I was also saving room for a crêpe because that’s what I was really craving I love sweets 😉  After we walked a little bit but it was soo hot so we went straight to eat crêpes at CoCo’s Crepes & Coffee also located in Vintage Park.  They’re pretty good but soo huge!  It’s best to split it with someone but…I devoured it haha I got nutella with strawberry’s.


Here are some camwhore pics of Ely and I.




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2 Responses to Crêpes and Friends

  1. thebookofhan says:

    your hair is still lovely! yay for curly girls 🙂


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