My Babies Are Having Babies

Hello lovlies 🙂 I feel like I haven’t updated in a long time.  Right now (that was Tuesday 14th) as I’m typing this, I’m laying next to my dog Dulce on the floor in the laundry room because she’s going into labour!  She’s been having contractions since 12 am and right now its 4:50 am.  I’m totally new to this I’ve never had a pregnant dog.  You’re probably wondering “Why aren’t you paying attention to her instead of blogging?”  Well honestly this is a long process it’s longer than I expected.  When you think of your dog getting contractions you think oh she’s about to pop but no -_-  they can last 6-18 hours!  The first sign I noticed was that she didn’t have an appetite.  She then started panting like if she was hot or thirsty and didn’t stop, even if I offered her water and she refused to drink it.  She also started growling at my other dog (the one who got her prego) every time he got close to her.

Dulce when she was a baby aww kawaii

Dulce when she was a baby aww kawaii

I decided to sit next to her on the couch for about 3 hours keeping a eye on her and she wanted me to rub her back and belly.  I started getting sleepy and I put her in her nesting den and went to my room.  From my room I could hear her crying and crying because she didn’t want me to leave her alone she is such a baby.  She’s also the only dog I’ve known to talk in her own language she whines, cries, and grunts each sound is for certain things and she does it very loud.  Dulce thinks she is a princess and she acts like a brat when she doesn’t get her way.  I brought my pillow, blanket, earbuds, and laptop and I’m here laying next to her and watching a k-drama.

I’ve been watching this Korean Drama that I’m super addicted to because she’s still not having the puppies.  I can’t stop watching this show I want to know what happens next every episode OMG!! I’M ADDICTED!!  I used to watch novelas (spanish soap operas) but lately they aren’t very good it’s always the same stories and they are super dramatic its ridiculous.  So the Korean drama I’m watching is called Rooftop Prince it’s super addicting because one of the main characters is such a bitch that you just have to keep watching to see what else she’s going to do.  Rooftop Prince reminds me of Teresa.  I recommend watching Teresa the Spanish soap opera OMG she is the meanest person ever but yet so pretty and evil!!  So you should def watch Teresa and see if they have subtitles online and Rooftop Prince they’re very good.  You can see other Korean dramas and Rooftop Prince on  If you have any good drama suggestions please let me know 🙂

If you’ve read my blog you know I had a dog named Jackie she was my very first pet/dog  we always wanted her to have puppies but it never happened.  3 years ago we got Dulce.  My mom named her Dulce because the colors of her coat reminded her of dulce de leche.  Dulce de leche is a type of Mexican candy, its sweetened milk that is burned slowly and looks just like caramel.  So we named her Dulce which also means in Spanish sweet or candy.  OMG shes having her puppies!!

Dulce and Jackie they were bestfriends

Dulce and Jackie they were bestfriends


Well Dulce had a very hard time pushing her puppies out I started to get worried and searched online.  I panicked after reading what happened to some people and took her to the animal hospital.  They gave her a shot so she could have contractions again and push, but she didn’t.  She just looked tired and didn’t try very hard.  The options that they gave me were to give her another shot or to do a c-section.  I didn’t want her to be super drugged up so I decided for them to do a c-section.  If I waited any longer some puppies wouldn’t survive, and at the same time they were going to spay her.

Kikko is the daddy.  I rescued Kikko off the streets during the time Jackie got really sick.  I saw Kikko on my way home from school and he was about to get ran over crossing the street 3 times!  I had to turn around and pick him up because the thought of my dogs out there in the cold rain and lost hurt me.  I turned around and I called to him saying “baby come here” and he ran to me ❤ I put flyers out everywhere and searched at places to see if he was missing and no one ever called me.  I figured no one wanted him because he was really really skinny you could see his bones sticking out.  I decided my goal was to find him a good home.  Well at that time Dulce liked to play a lot and she couldn’t with Jackie because Jackie was old and getting really sick.  My mom decided to keep him so he could keep Dulce company.  The only problem was that he wasn’t fixed and his appointment took about 2 months and during that time we tried to keep them apart but things happen for a reason.

Kikko and Dulce

Kikko and Dulce

I think things happen for a reason and this will get Dulce’s mind off of Jackie for a bit because she was really depressed when Jackie died.  Dog’s will mourn for 2-3 months that’s what my vet told me because Dulce wasn’t being her cheerful self and looked soo sad, but now she is happy with her puppies.

Dulce had 6 healthy puppies 4 girls and 2 boys 🙂  Yaaay!  I’m soo happy they are soo kawaii and I want to keep them all but I can’t :/  My goal is to find them a good home, someone who will care for them and have time to care for a puppy because it’s a lot of work.  Here is a picture of Dulce she’s a mixed Chihuahua and Kikko is a Papillon.  I can’t wait to see who they’ll look like when they get bigger 🙂

Dule and her puppies and Kikko

Dule and her puppies and Kikko


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