CHANEL Base Lumière Review

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I went to the CHANEL counter and wanted to try out their powder foundation, I ended up buying their concealer, and why not might as well try out their makeup base a.k.a. primer. iconmakeup

CHANEL base, concealer, and powder foundation

CHANEL base, concealer, and powder foundation

CHANEL Base Lumière Illuminating Makeup Base Review 3/5:

CHANEL base lumière base éclat du tient illuminating makeup base is a smooth, hydrating, lightweight gel primer that has a pearlish/opal sheer look to it.  Shake well before applying.    After opening this product is good up to 12 months.  I paid $42.00 USD.  The quantity is 30 ml/1 oz.  After testing it out for a while I think it’s a okay primer it does its job and has it’s pros and cons:


  • Oil Free
  • Dries fast
  • No scent


  • No SPF 😦
  • Very small quantity for the price

Would I buy this product again?  Honestly no I wouldn’t, what I need is a primer that contains an SPF that prevents the sun from damaging my already sun damaged skin, and like I said the quantity is soo small for the price yet a little goes a long way.

A little funny history of my video hahaha I forgot to film the beginning since I was in a rush to head out so I wouldn’t be late because I’m always fashionably late no matter what haha.  I kind of rushed the ending. On my cold night out I had to walk in the rain and my hair messed up and I started sneezing I was getting sick  😦  When I got back I was undressing and ready to take a shower because I didn’t want to get worse, I ended up catching a cold.  Then I remembered that I forgot to film the beginning  >_< .  So I hope you enjoy my video please LIKE, SUBSCRIBE if you like my videos so you can motivate me to do more 🙂


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