Pre Spring Photo Shoot 2013 and Hot Pot

After my Lazy Weekend at the Bay, my friend Dailey asked if I wanted to model for her Spring portfolio.  I  said yes and was really excited and thankful for this opportunity Thank You Dailey 🙂  Here is a link to her Facebook page> Dailey Hubbard Photography I LOVE to model that was my dream when I was younger, but due to genetics I’m not really tall so that’s out of the question haha.  I was also excited because Dailey wanted me to wear my Liz Lisa clothes and just be me= gyaru she likes that style.  A LOT of people don’t like gyaru style and always make comments about my style, but I don’t care it’s my style and that’s what I like so I was happy she wanted me to be myself 🙂

Pic of my outfit

Pic of my outfit



Of course when your makeup comes out the way you want on other days it’s great but never on the day of the photo shoot 😦 it seemed everything was going wrong 😦  I haven’t worn my Chanel powder foundation which gives me great coverage in a long time, and my skin got lighter so I looked red!  I had to redo my face makeup and rush so I wouldn’t be late to the shoot.  My lower eye makeup didn’t come out very nice the lower line wasn’t supposed to be so harsh, but oh well what could I do I already took the pictures.  I also tried to do a cool hair braid but that didn’t come out nice either :*(  so I stuck to the regular style.  It was a 2 day shoot the 2nd shoot ughhh let’s just say my eyebrows looked pretty sharp 😦 waaah I hope they come out nice and I hope I don’t look angry haha.  I need to sleep earlier >_<  I had to model with one of her acquaintances he was a nice young man it was his first time modeling so I helped him with his poses.  The theme was April showers bring my May flowers.  He is the rain in April and I am the flowers in May.  I took pictures of the computer screen with my cell phone so here is a little preview of the 1st day:

Me posing

Me posing

Spring Photo Shoot

Spring Photo Shoot

I can’t wait to see the finish results I will post them on here and also on my FB page 🙂  After the photo shoot it was time to eat 🙂 I just drank coffee that morning because I didn’t want to come out bloated in the pictures.  My friend Kathryn posted a picture of hot pot on FB the other day so I told her we should go so she can show me what it’s about I’ve always wanted to try it, and to catch up because I haven’t hung out with her in soo long.  So after the photo shoot I went with Steven, and Sadie to the restaurant and we met up with Kathryn.  We went to Tan Tan restaurant in Bellaire area.  OMG o_0 it is sooo delish!!  Their menu consists of Chinese/Vietnamese food we ordered A LOT of food haha.

Seafood hot pot

Cooking the meat and seafood in the hot pot

There are 2 different broths one side is spicy the other isn’t you can cook your vegetables on that side.  We ordered a combination platter that had meat and seafood.  I don’t eat beef but these were cut in very thin slices and honestly it was good.  They give you this spicy sauce and you can mix soy sauce in it.  When you cook your food you can dip it in that sauce it’s really good.  We were all new to hot pot and now I love hot pot it’s soo good!  I bet it’s really nice to eat in winter I will definitely go back 🙂

Hot pot

Seafood hot pot


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6 Responses to Pre Spring Photo Shoot 2013 and Hot Pot

  1. Rock Murray says:

    I love your spring photoshoot 🙂 you really look like a goddess :* you are so beautiful and sweet ^^

  2. You look so lovely in your photoshoot! Your socks in your outfit pic are too cute. I’ve been looking everywhere for a similar pair.

  3. yuandaitny says:

    i love your spring photo shoot Emily-san, you look so beautiful (^.^)b


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