Dolce Delights and Baby Shower

Hello lovelies 😀  I’ve been so busy with school that I want a break I am in need of one! Oh ya Spring Break is coming up soon…finally! As you know I was really depressed last week because my beloved Jackie died.  Honestly, it was soo hard to be at home.  I would just look downstairs and see her empty bed with her snowman blanket on top and I would start crying.  I made plans with my friend weeks ago and made plans months ago to attend a friend’s event.  The type of friend I am I will never let them down plus I thought it would do me good to get out of the house to distract myself.

Friday I was supposed to go eat lunch with my friends because we seriously needed to catch up, everyone’s been doing their own thing because of school and work.  Our schedules conflicted so we cancelled.  I was pretty bummed that we didn’t go because I really wanted to distract myself.  So my friend Ely was still down to do something so we went out for dessert.

If your ever in Houston and have a sweet tooth I definitely recommend this place it’s called Dolce Delights <click for website.  La pâtisserie (French bakery) Dolce Delights is by Candance Chang and is located in midtown the employees who work there are soo friendly and informative 🙂  I told Ely about this place and I told her they had French macaroons, cheescake, dome cakes, coffee, and smoothies.  Ely’s reaction was “OMG! Macaroons? I’ve been calling every place in Houston to see if anyone sold macaroons and I can’t find them!”  Dolce Delights are the best, I’ve tried some in Miami and it doesn’t compare to theirs.  Other than sweets what could be better?  Most of these desserts are under 300 calories sugoi!  Dolce Delights also use natural sugars from fruit puree, and have vegan mixed desserts.  I was happy I went with Ely I had a great time having ‘girl talk’, laughing, and catching up.  Here is a picture of our yummy desserts:


Dolce Delights yummy desserts

The top row is Ely’s she got: mocha and rasberry macaroons, and Dark Chocolate Hazelnut Crunch it’s so cute look at the edible gold flake on top.  The bottom row is mine I got: Ballerina Berry cake, strawberry and passion fruit macaroons (those are definitely my favorite.)  Ely said that her Dark Chocolate Hazelnut Crunch cake was so good it was a “chocolate overdose” she is a chocolate lover.  Mine was also yummy and I love their macaroons 🙂 (ugh now I’m craving them.)  Of course the Instagram addicts we are here is Ely taking a pictures of our desserts:

Ely taking pictures of our desserts

Ely taking pictures of our desserts

Here is a link to Ely’s Instagram  it’s mostly about fashion she puts really nice classy chic outfits together, and her poodle Bubu.  Here is a picture of me with my desserts:

Me with my yummy desserts

Me with my yummy desserts

Do you like my hair?  It was looking messy down so I made twin buns I thought of Shibuya style I’m also wearing my Liz Lisa coat 🙂  Here is a link to My Instagram if you dont follow me.  I also took some cakes and macaroons to go look at this kawaii one with edible glitter:

Rasberry-Rose Lychee

Rasberry-Rose Lychee

Saturday I went to my friends baby shower she’s expecting a girl she made the cutest decorations a baby girl fruit basket haha she has a strawberry bow on top, and a baby girl balloon.  I went with my best friend Sadie (in the picture below) and her baby Emery he is soo adorable the cutest red head baby ever lol!  Of course knowing me I had to give a Hello Kitty gift pink glitter Hello Kitty flats so kawaii! Here is a link to Sadie’s Instagram she posts pictures of her cute baby Emery, and the healthy types of food she feeds him 🙂

Baby shower pictures

Baby shower pictures


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