Bingo with Liz

Man I’ve had such a busy week!! I’m trying my hardest this semester to do really good in school and I haven’t had time to blog :/ But I will make time this year for sure! So I’m going to back-blog a bit to Sunday January 20, 2013. Another incident happened Tuesday I will blog about that next time my school experienced a shooting ya crazy I know. So anways…

Liz and I makeup

We were planning on making a funny face a closeup of our makeup Liz foundation is Chanel and my powder foundation is Chanel also

Since my friends and I have been so busy with school we haven’t really seen each other. My best friend Liz told me she wanted to go play Bingo. I LOVE BINGO its sooo much fun! I know what you’re thinking “Bingo? Isn’t that for old people” well old people are freakin smart, knowledgeable and know that it’s really fun! I’ve been 2 other times with Liz she introduced it to me. So Liz said we should all go and I’ve been wanting to because my Bingo markers look lonely standing next to my jewelry …they need me. Of course I’m always left to organize our get togethers so I txd everyone that we were going to go. I’m testing out Etude House BB cream I’ll review it later. My makeup of the day.

The Chloé bow on the parfum bottle has many uses like to put in my hair :)

The Chloé bow on the parfum bottle has many uses like to put in my hair 🙂 my shirt is from Liz Lisa

It was Sunday and Liz and I were so excited to go play Bingo. When I play Bingo I feel excited that I might win and I have a good time talking to my friends and joking around. The best part about this Bingo place we go to is … THE FOOD! Ok so I don’t eat beef I only eat lean meats but their burgers are really delicious and not greasy. They have so much variety of foods/snacks like: burgers, cheese fries, cheesecake, pickles, cheese broccoli bites, funnel cakes etc. basically fattening foods and ONCE a week is ok. I know this isn’t very healthy but Liz and I ate breakfast and a super light lunch because we were preparing ourselves to eat a lot of greasy food. Plus the food there is sooo cheap!

Liz and I posing with our Bingo markers

Liz and I posing with our Bingo markers haha my weird smile

No one came with us we went alone but we didn’t care because we always have fun but it’s better to go with more people the more the merrier. The bingo place we go we have to pay $4 for a “card” it contains 6 cards on one sheet and each sheet is a game there are a total of 9 games. Bingo markers are $1 so I bought a new turquoise one. Aside from the food and if you don’t need a Bingo marker all you pay is $4 which is not bad because every game has money prizes from $500-$1,000.


Liz and I made a small video. I wonder if I make short clips about my life will we get contacted by a reality show? Seriously our lives are like a reality show were not so much drama but things always happen to us. They need to make a reality show of middle class people who struggle through everyday life I think people would relate to that more than super rich spoiled kids, or people who tan too much and like to get drunk all the time.

More camwhore pics of us:

Liz and I

I was talking about this “style” that men wear here and I did this and said “um no got to go” she made fun of me so we posed the way I was talking

She left me hanging I made a funny face

She left me hanging I made a funny face


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