Christmas Gift Ideas

It’s Christmas time and man am I already tired of the holiday music and how people go so crazy over this holiday. For example: my front neighbor has a Christmas light show every night. His house is covered in Christmas lights, he has a speaker outside that play Christmas music, and the lights blink to the music. That means everyone in the neighborhood parks in front of our house to watch the lights blink -_-   Anyways I don’t want to sound like Mr. Scrooge, the nice thing about this holiday is that I get to spend time with family, get a break from school, and I love to give gifts to my family and friends. Giving gifts for me means how much I appreciate them being a part of my life, so here are some of my tips for gift giving.

GIFT CARDS   (family, friends, acquaintances)

Idgaf what people say about gift cards….they are AWESOME! Some people say “oh its so impersonal” “you don’t even care” well obviously I do care because I got you something. What if you don’t know that persons clothing size? What if they are a picky person and you know they’re going to return your gift because they didn’t like it? What if they are a acquaintance and you have no idea what they like? That’s why you give them a gift card, they can buy whatever they like or needed.

Types of gift cards:

  • Clothing Stores-  For that fashionista.  If you know what clothing stores they shop at I’m positive they will appreciate the gift card everyone needs something new in their wardrobe 😉 For example my fav: Forever 21, H&M, Victoria’s Secret etc…
  • Electronic Stores-  For that gamer, music lover, musician, tech lover.  You don’t know what’s the latest game they want, or if they already have the new album of their favorite band, and you don’t want to ask them because that’s a dead give away what you’re getting them so this is perfect.  For example: iTunes card, Best Buy, GameStop, Guitar Center etc…
  • Food/Drink-  Who doesn’t love food? I think this is perfect gift for married couples, people who enjoy eating out at restaurants, or starving college students haha. Know what type of food they like first you don’t want to get them a gift card for Pappas Seafood and they are allergic to seafood -_- For example my fav: Starbucks!! I love coffee 🙂 and any type of food I’m pretty open to anything but I don’t like fast food.
  • I DONT KNOW WHAT THE HELL TO GIVE THEM!  Just stick to stores that have variety such as Target, Macys, or money!

To make it personal you can attach the card to a perfect gift, or a nice card with a meaningful handwritten note inside 🙂

PERFECT GIFT   (family, friends)

For being a good friend or sister it’s important to be a good listener.  I admit sometimes I’m not such a great listener but it’s very good to know details about someone. In my opinion a great gift to give is something they will use or need not something that will be put away in a closet.  Also remember something they have mentioned recently such as “Aww I ran out of my favorite cologne” “My iPod broke” or whatever you get the idea.  Also making something shows a lot of love also such as a scrapbook of your friend, making bracelets, deco phone cases, etc…


As of right now I’m single but I decided this is a great topic to write about because some people ahhh they just don’t get it.  Ok the BEST thing to do for both of yall (yes I said yall I’m from Texas and its just easier lol) is to write a list of things you want make a wishlist.  Nothing says I care for you so much that I bought you things that fulfill your needs and desires.  You also don’t have to buy everything on that list.  Surprise her with something thoughtful that both of yall share a common interest in, something that you both experienced (usually a funny moment) or something they need.  Be courteous also if your boyfriend/girlfriend is low on money just say “oh I made a wishlist everything is under $20” Be reasonable also come on you can’t be stingy and say I need a new car 🙂

MEN! this part is for you!  Yes most woman love jewelry its nice BUT here are some helpful tips if your’e going into that category.  First you need to know if they like silver or gold.  That’s a very important thing for us ladies its the center of our wardrobe, accessories, clothing that matches with it etc…  (and there are some people allergic to certain metals)  If you have been with your partner for some time and know they are the one and want to buy a engagement ring ok good for you.  BUT DO NOT BUY ANY!  I mean ANY sort of ring for a person you’ve only been dating for a couple of months and think “oh well I guess I’ll buy her a ring for Christmas.”  First of all what the hell are you trying to do man scare her away?  Or you’re going to give her the wrong idea if you aren’t serious about your relationship so just stick to other jewelry.  If you truly love her and want to be romantic but yet your still testing the waters to see if she’s the one and really want to buy her a ring then get something small and say its a promise ring.  You can never go wrong with stud earrings for me its a classic.  I love pearls those are my favorite and of course everyone loves diamonds 😉  Or you can pick a stone that’s her favorite color, or even birthstone.


Remember this is a time of joy and giving.  Donate to your favorite organization, or volunteer.  Everyone deserves to be happy this time of year especially children that are less fortunate.  So donate toys, food, and clothes.  To volunteer find out if they are holding local events in your area online, and the newspaper also announces events.  It will bring a smile to your face and keep your spirit high 🙂


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