Away from the Internet

Hey!  It’s been a really really long time.  I have been away from my blog and YouTube.  When I was a student I had a lot of time to write posts, edit photos, and write in-depth reviews.  Not everyone’s life is perfect like the Internet or Instagram portrays, and just like everyone else my life was a roller coaster of ups and downs (more downs than ups.)  Life kicked in and I started working a full-time job.  At work I’m on the computer for 8 hours a day and then coming home and logging on the computer is the last thing I wanted to do.

Blogging and keeping up with social media is a 24 hour job.  One I could not keep up with.  I do miss interacting with different people all over the world and sharing beauty tips and makeup.  Makeup and skin care is a passion of mine, and I still like helping men and women with my tips.  Being on the Internet and sharing yourself with people can be a good thing but I also had stalkers and weirdo’s getting my personal information.  It’s terrifying the type of crazy people who are out there!  My safety was a big issue on why I stopped posting pictures and information about myself on all of my social media platforms.  I do miss it and I’m glad to see all the social media bloggers that I still follow are doing so well!

My style has changed a lot so I was worried my followers would not like my content anymore.  The “gal” or gyaru style has evolved and changed.  Now the “gals” look a bit similar to the style over here in the U.S.  I work in a professional business so business attire is required.  The weekends are the only days can wear my “regular” attire.

I want to continue to share my love of makeup and skin care products.  It has boomed these past couple of years.  New technology, new innovations have surfaced, and I want to try it all!  Thanks for reading let’s keep in touch 🙂

❤ Emily

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New Updates


Well..well..well who do we have here?? Yes I’m back!!  Did you miss me?? I didn’t even think lovely people read my blog but I was wrong!  As I logged in I saw that I had comments and very nice comments 🙂  So I’m sitting here with my seaweed mask and waiting for my neon pink toes to dry I thought, you know what I need to update my blog for real.  I’ve been missing and I’m truly sorry to my readers.  A lot of things have been happening in my life so I’ve been out of touch with my social media.  It’s not that I don’t love it I really do, but because of the type of person I am sometimes I need to get out of touch with the world sometimes and take a vacay.

So on my Instagram I posted a pic and said I was sorry I haven’t been on a lot has happened in my life and a lovely follower said “ohh you must be in love” …nope haha not the case at all.  This year I wanted it to start awesome.  I wanted good changes and good vibes, but real life isn’t like that at all.

So after my grandma passed away I was a little depressed, you know those types of feelings happen from time to time.  But back in the day when I was a teenager I suffered a lot from depression.  I never told anyone how I felt because I thought I would cope with it on my own, but that doesn’t help at all.  Now that I’m thinking about i,t I think it was because at that age you can get the feeling that no one is on your side, no one understands you, and you feel alone.  I’ve changed a lot and learned throughout my life.  The changes that I’ve done is to always think and be positive because I believe when you put positive energy out into the world it comes back to you.

I was job searching for a looong time, I’m talking about 6 months ok!  Haha.  In the economy that I live in you wouldn’t think it would be so hard to find a job but it is.  Even my friends who graduated with degrees were having trouble finding jobs out of the University.  Of course when you do a new job search you want to:  1. Find a position that was better than your last.  2. Find a job that pays more.  That’s what I was doing and just because you “don’t have experience” they won’t hire you or even give you a chance.  I thought well there has to be someone that will give me a chance.


I was going to job interviews and I would get excited thinking “oh I got this I nailed it” and then I would get really disappointed that I didn’t get it.  I started to feel sad and honestly a little worthless.  Things just kept going down hill.  My car messed up, I couldn’t find a job, and then my dog Dulce got really really sick.  I mean I was like omgosh why are these things happening to me??  When will things get better??  I got in a rut and I couldn’t get out of it.  I was so out of it I didn’t even want to be on the internet anymore and trust me I love the internet haha.

My dog Dulce is still sick she has liver disease.  She was so sick I thought oh gosh I’m going to lose another dog and we have to put her down, but she is doing much better and we are hoping her liver will rejuvenate.

So yeah I was depressed and not feeling like myself at all.  I thought “man I haven’t felt like this in a loong time.”  My parents are very supportive of me and they would say “don’t worry someone will give you a chance when the time is right.”  I’m like umm ok I need money hello haha.  But someone did give me a chance and things started getting better.

So if you ever feel down or in a rut it’s ok it happens to everyone, no one is perfect, but just know you aren’t the only one feeling these things.  You should talk to someone and let it out because you will feel better, and TRUST ME things will get better for you!  I also know that I am very blessed and fortunate to have the family, friends, and things that I have, and I know people are in far worse situations than I am so I am very grateful.


Now I work a 8-5 job in a office and it’s a really good job.  I’m really happy and I want to continue in this industry.  Since I started working in an office I can’t have kawaii deco nails 😦  I can’t wear gyaru makeup either obviously.  I haven’t stocked up on new circle lenses, or eyelashes.  I had to stop buying clothes from Japan and buy boring office clothes -_-  Now I’ve become “one of them” haha the people that you get pissed off at around 12 pm because there is traffic just because it’s “lunch hour” haha.  I still love gyaru style I will always admire it.  But lately I guess I’m so used to the regular makeup that I even do it on the weekends.  Gyaru makeup for me takes about 1 1/2 hours and when I wear regular makeup it takes 30 minutes.

So yes I’ve gotten lazy because all I want to do when I get home from work is eat and sleep.  I don’t even work out, I started not having what I call Beauty Days anymore.  My nails are ALWAYS painted and I didn’t even wear nail polish for weeks.  Dude it was soo freakin bad ok that one morning I took a shower and shaved because I was going to wear a pencil skirt to work.  Let me just say that I noticed a small patch on my lower leg and I was like “Oh shit I forgot to shave here.  Oh well its not that noticeable.”  -_- It turns out I forgot to shave the whole leg!!  Hahahahaha I was like ok this needs to stop ASAP!


So if you think I’ve neglected my blog, I didn’t just neglect that but also my beauty routines haha.  I miss blogging, I miss sharing my reviews on products, I’ve tried MANY and I want to share my information with the world.  I was super happy to have read a comment from a reader saying that my method of explaining things is really helpful so YAAAY :*

Well that is my little update and I will make time for my blog I need to get myself in a routine also for working out because I need it baad haha.  It’s super late and I have a long day tomorrow.  My next post will be about a awesome package I received from Bunny Berri all the way from Australia stay tuned!


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Emily Kawaii at Anime Matsuri 2014 Part 1

Hello lovlies I will share with you my experience at Houston’s anime convention Anime Matsuri at the George R. Brown Convention Center.  This was my first time attending a event like this and the only reason why I just had to go was to see Nightmare the Japanese Visual Kei Rock band ❤


I didn’t order my ticket ahead of time because I found out last minute that Nightmare was going to be there, I mean helloo when am I ever going to see Nightmare in my hometown??? ummm NEVER haha so I HAD to go!  I went to buy my ticket on the day before the event on Thursday because they were selling them ahead of time and I didn’t want to stand in line for about an hour.  The ticket was this badge and it was $65 for Friday-Sunday.


Day 1
On Friday Day 1 I went with a friend of mine because my brother didn’t want to go.  Let me just say that I’ve never really drank with this one person and we did before the event.  Well wow was I surprised of that persons actions which made me feel very uncomfortable and embarrassed.


Anyways…almost everyone was dressed in cosplay which was really nice seeing familiar characters come to life.  I didn’t take many pictures on the first day and sorry I don’t have a good camera and after seeing my pictures you will understand why I fake tanned I’m soo pale lol:

Kakashi Sensei from Naruto!! (one of my fav animes) although this is a good cosplay but…mmm I don’t want to be mean but I found a better Kakashi the next day 😛 (next post)


A guy wanted to take a picture of us maybe he thought I was cosplaying too??


Belle from Beauty and the Beast :p


Hatsune Miku super cute!  She was really sweet and nice 🙂


She went all out and I wanted a pic of her full outfit


This is something you don’t see everyday lol


My outfit that I wore that day:
Crop top: Forever21
Leopard skirt and hoodie: Victoria’s Secret PINK
Platform sneakers: Urban Outfitters
Bag: MA*RS



Camwhoring in Katz’s Deli on Westheimer after the event.  It’s really good and open 24 hours if you go there you have to try their fried pickles yummy.

What were my thoughts about the convention??

Honestly I was a little disappointed everything was VERY unorganized compared to other events that I’ve been to.  On the 3rd floor (where everything was held at) there was a table in the center of the hallway and obviously it looks like a help center but it wasn’t, the people sitting down said “I don’t know where anything is at” there wasn’t anybody that worked for Anime Matsuri to help you out.  The only thing that was posted on the wall of the 3rd floor was the schedule times, it wasn’t until the 2nd day that I saw a map on the 2nd floor with the room numbers OMG seriously there are sooo many rooms at the convention center.  Yes they had some signs outside of the rooms, but not on every door which were important such as autograph and photograph area.

I wanted to meet local gyaru but I didn’t see any, and I didn’t know the lolita community here was so big.  I was expecting to see kawaii things being sold like plushes and small things, CD’s, and other items like that BUT they only sold those items in one room on the 1st floor and it closed at 6 pm.  I’ve never been to a maid cafe at an anime convention but they only sold ramune and pocky sticks. On the 2nd day the Nightmare concert was delayed 2 hours and they were supposed to have an autograph session after but they cancelled it because by the time they were done it was like 1 or 2 am.  I was soo bummed out because I got there late on Friday to their autograph session so I thought ok I have another chance tomorrow BUT nope.  I did get to take pictures with them but I will leave that for the next post 🙂 Stay tuned…


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Mint Gold Crackle Nail Tutorial

Hello lovlies ❤ Spring is here!!  I know it’s here because my car is covered in yellow dust a.k.a. pollen and it’s allergy season yay haha 😛 and its like 63 °F/ 17 °C ughh crazy Houston weather.  Anyways…I need some color in my wardrobe so my color for Spring is mint ❤ I love mint colored clothes it’s soo cute and also mint chocolate chip ice cream yum!


I’m letting my nails grow out and what I call “breathe” because getting fake nails all the time can damage your real nails.  I do love fake nails because the nail polish doesn’t chip at all, like it does on real nails.  I don’t know if the crackle look is still “in” and honestly I don’t really care I think this combination looks cute so here is my mini tutorial…

I definitely knew I wanted a turquoise or mint color but I wasn’t sure how the gold crackle would look, so I took out my Ciaté nail color wheel and tested it.


I think the gold crackle shows up better on the mint but it also looks good on the turquoise.

These are the nail polishes I used.


From left to right:

Base Coat: Seche Clear Crystal Clear Base Coat

Sally Hansen HARD AS NAILS Xtreme Wear #340 Mint Sorbet

China Glaze CRACKLE Glaze #1043 Cracked Medallion

Top Coat: Seche Vite Dry Fast Top Coat

Steps to a Perfect Crackle Mani

1. The first thing you have to start off with is a base coat.  A base coat will protect your nail and won’t stain it.

2. I used 2 coats of Sally Hansen

3. 1 coat of China Glaze
**Emily’s Tips**

**DO NOT put a thin coat when using crackle nail polish it will look like thin lines (unless you want that look) make sure you put on one thick coat starting from the middle and then brush each side because it will separate into thick pieces.

4. Always make sure your nail polish is completely dry.  Add a clear top coat to seal the deal.

**I know this sounds unhealthy and bad BUT it works all the time for me if you don’t know if your nail polish is dry and you don’t want to mess up your mani by making a ugly dent what I do is I lick one nail I know it sounds gross haha but if it tastes bitter it’s not dry and if it doesn’t taste bitter then it’s dry.



If you follow me on Twitter or Instagram  you know that I went to an anime convention and I met one of my favorite Visual Kei bands Nightmare I will post it on my next blog post so stay tuned…


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Rest In Peace Grandma

Hello lovlies I’m back to blogging….wooo took me 3 months haha.  I sincerely apologize to my followers but I’m coming back to the internet little by little.  I wanted to “get away” for a bit and have alone time, I wasn’t in the mood to be my usual cheerful self and I don’t like to be negative.  I update my Instagram and sometimes I Tweet.  I think the main reason why I haven’t had the desire to blog is because I wanted to avoid a certain subject that I’m going to talk about.  I could avoid talking about this but this is a blog about my life and it’s a event in my life that is important to me and I will share with you.

In January I was excited to start the New Year fresh.  I have a draft saved about my New Years resolutions and all the accomplishments that I would like to do this year.  Unfortunately things have been happening in my life that haven’t been so well.  The good thing is that my little brother had his heart surgery and he is better and recuperating fast I want to say thank you to everyone who wished him well or prayed for him it meant a lot ❤

Towards the end of December and beginning of January my grandma wasn’t doing so well.  She fell and fractured 3 ribs and her pelvis, so she was laying down or sitting down most of the time.  Before she went to the hospital we visited her and we spent time with her.  She was going to go to sleep and I helped her in bed because she couldn’t walk very well and her leg was swollen, I said goodbye and goodnight to her and I told her “I hope you get better”, she grabbed my shoulders and looked into my eyes and said “I’m not going to get better” I said “yes you are your’e just a little older and it will take longer for you to get better but you will” and she said “I know I’m not” and she hugged me very tight and gave me the hardest kiss on my cheek that she has ever given me.  I left her house without saying what she told me to anyone.  I didn’t want to worry my family but in my heart I had the feeling that she knew something was going to happen.

Her leg became very swollen, so my aunt took her to the hospital on a Monday.  I didn’t know she was in the hospital; my aunt didn’t tell us because she didn’t want to “worry my dad” since he was out of town for business.   I found out Thursday and from that day on I went to the hospital everyday to visit her.  She had a blood clot in her lower leg.

At first she was in pain but still cheerful and talking to us like normal.  I remember every time I visited her she would always tell me “your’e so beautiful, so beautiful” I was a little surprised because she would never tell me that before and I would tell her she was beautiful too.

She hated hospitals and wanted to leave as soon as possible but she couldn’t.  Her health started declining and I didn’t understand why, she went to the hospital because of the blood clot in her leg so why was she getting worse?  Well my aunts finally tell us that she has cancer in her lymph nodes for about 3 years.  I don’t know why my grandma didn’t want to tell anyone in the family about her cancer I think it’s because she didn’t want to worry anyone, but I still don’t know why.  They were monitoring the cancer and it was very small, and then they checked when she was at the hospital and it spread.

The first couple of days when she was in the hospital she was fine she was talking and laughing.  Then the next day she couldn’t move her hands that much.  Then the day after that she couldn’t speak anymore.  It really hurts to see someone deteriorate in front of you and you wish you could do something about it but there is nothing you can do.

Even though she couldn’t speak anymore and couldn’t keep her eyes open I knew she could still hear and comprehend.  I spoke to her in her ear and I started telling her all the wonderful things she taught me and I was thankful for.  She taught me how to draw, paint, sing, and I get my love of my arts and crafts from her.  When I told her these things she smiled and I knew she could still comprehend what we were saying.  She then opened her eyes and smiled and I told her I loved her and she tried to speak but she couldn’t but I read her lips and I told her I know you’re trying to say I love you too and she smiled.  I knew she was frustrated because she was trying to speak and nothing would come out but the fact that I told her I know what you’re saying to me she looked relieved her message got out.

The following days she couldn’t respond anymore, not with her eyes or even a faint smile.  I accepted that she wasn’t going to live much longer, and I didn’t like seeing her in pain so I knew it was for the best.  I’m not one to be scared of death because I feel like it is a process of life.  When your time comes it comes no one is prepared for it, and that’s why I think and always say enjoy each day of your life because you never know when it will be your last.  But the fact of seeing someone decline in front of your eyes is very heartbreaking.

When my grandma was in the hospital she kept saying she wanted to go home.  When she couldn’t speak anymore we asked her do you want to go home and she nodded yes.  My grandpa and family decided it would be best to bring her home because that was her last wish.  I helped my aunt and dad clean out her room to prepare for a company to bring a hospital bed.

The day they brought her home was a day of relief I guess, because we thought oh she’s back home maybe she will get better.  She loved to have a full house of her children, grandchildren, and great grandchildren.  She would always make food for us and loved when we were united and together.  That day everyone was there at her house we all visited her and talked to her, we were there all day and night.  We said goodnight to her and went home.  She passed away a couple of hours after at 3 am January 18.   I think she felt relieved to be at home because that’s where she wanted to be and finally be at rest.

A long time ago I brought back a pearl necklace and bracelet from Hawaii, they weren’t expensive but they were very pretty.  I always noticed that she would wear it and she always remembered that I gave it to her, and she was buried with them.  I’ve had 2 dreams of her recently.  When I see her in my dreams I’m so happy and she is too and we give each other a big hug and kiss and I always feel like it’s real because I feel warmth from her when I hug her.

It was a very sad experience but I also learned a lot.  I don’t know if by reading this you will learn some things too.  I do feel very very sad for my grandpa.  He loved my grandma so much and was the most faithful man I’ve ever known.  I don’t think he can live without her because they were together for over 70 years.  He is still very sad to this day but if God decides to take him I will accept it because they are that type of couple that are meant to be together forever.

This was a very hard blog post to write but I’m glad I did it.  I feel that now I can write more and continue with my blog because it’s a outlet for me.  I’ve bought many products that I have yet to review, and a closet that I’m going to clean out and have a sale because I don’t use most of my things so I might as well sell it and let someone else enjoy it as much as I did.  So don’t forget about me :*


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Liz Lisa Winter Shopping 2013

Hello lovlies I’m going to share what other awesome pretty items I received along with my Liz Lisa 3900円 limited edition bag.  I use the shopping service Tenso and I really love their service, usually when I buy something from Japan I buy a lot so it’s worth the shipping fee.

Here is a flyer that I received with my purchase I got a cute little magnet (bottom right)


With my purchase I got these free cute Liz Lisa candles the blue one smells like vanilla and the pink one smells like roses.


I just had to buy this cozy jacket it’s soo warm and fluffy I LOVE IT!  Plus it was on sale 🙂  I get a lot of compliments on it and people always want to feel how soft it is 🙂



Super comfy I’m wearing it with my Liz Lisa dress ❤

melljacket1melljacket2When I saw the bow on it I thought aaa kawaii I want!  I need more long sleeve sweater shirts because I don’t have a lot.


The bow has polka dots on it


This shirt is so pretty the lighting is bad but it’s white super girly and elegant.


The back has buttons.


Japanese clothes are very detailed look at the lace.


I’ve always wanted Liz Lisa handkerchiefs and every time I order clothes they never have any in stock, so I bought 2 when I saw that they had some.  I think the first one looks like me 😛 a girl with curly hair and a huge bow ❤  The blue one reminded me of Marie Antoinette idk why I guess because of the color and roses??  Blue isn’t a color I wear at all but I thought it looked really pretty.



My first Champouf plush.  It’s a cell phone holder and it’s soo kawaii!!!  They had this in pink also but I liked the white even if it might get dirty.  My iPhone 5 fits inside and even though it has a plastic covering I can still use my touchscreen phone.


You can hang it on a purse, and the closing part is made out of velcro.


Hehe it goes with my fluffy jacket.


I hope you enjoyed my shopping 🙂  I also bought one more thing…The Liz Lisa fukubukuro 2014!!  I really enjoyed last years fukubukuro and honestly it’s better to invest in the suitcase because you get a lot more items and come on look at this suitcase!!  It was a little expensive but totally worth it because it has 9 items inside and it’s worth a lot, plus they also throw in extra items inside.


I should of bought the Ribbon Boston because I really like the camel color I think it goes with my Liz Lisa boots but now it’s sold out :*( (Berri Doll just notified me via Twitter that they do still have it yay!) But don’t worry!  Last time I checked all of the fukubukuro are sold out but in January if they have a lot left over they sell them online.  So don’t worry there’s still hope 🙂



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Liz Lisa Limited 3900¥ Bag

I ordered new items from Liz Lisa ❤ I bought the Official Limited 3900円 (yen) bag.  If you don’t know I’m such a sucker for limited items that’s the thing that gets me to buy.  If you are interested in purchasing it you can still buy it it’s still in stock (as of right now) CLICK HERE

You never know what you will receive in these bags usually it will say 2 tops 1 bottom, but in this bag you will receive 3 items one is a inner camisole or inner pants.  If you are wondering about the size Liz Lisa clothing is all Free Size meaning one size fits all it’s usually a size small.

Here is a stock photo: 


Here are my photos so you can see that the color is different from online.  The lighting in my room is kind of bad but its a highlighter pink and the bag is made out of plastic material, maybe I can carry my school books or clothes when I go out.


The top has a zipper:


Here is what I received:

Over sized brown sweater.  I still haven’t tried it on and since I’m short I don’t know if it will look nice on me maybe I can wear it with leggings??  Or wear it on a comfy day.  Still undecided if I should keep it or not :/


Like my hangers??  Super kawaii ❤

A creme long sleeve shirt it’s hard to see but on the bottom right it has a purse and on the left it has a antique mirror.





Haha I never opened it because…


I bought these 2 weeks ago!! 😦 I wish I would of got the white/creme one but at the time it was sold out so I decided to get these to wear under dresses, but I got another pair!!  I don’t know if I should keep it but what’s the point of having 2 same exact things in your closet…hmm I don’t know?? Maybe I will sell it with my other Liz Lisa items I have never worn or opened.

I am cleaning out my closet.  I had to take a break because I had finals this week and yay it’s over!!  I’m not done yet aaaa I seriously have soo many clothes, bags, and shoes.  I don’t wear most of it because I’m that type of person that’s like “oh it’s still good I’ll wear it one day”…and that day never comes.  I need to make room for new clothes and some things I just don’t like anymore but it’s in very good condition because I take good care of my things.  I will sell the good items online.

I need to part what I’m going to sell and what I will donate.  Some things still have the tag and have never been opened, and shoes never worn still in the box because they didn’t fit :/ I organized one side of my closet and I’m changing all the hangers also.  No more ugly plastic or wire ones, now felt 🙂  I like it because the clothes that usually slide off won’t and they also take up less space which is awesome.  I found these heart hangers but I bought the last 2 sets 😦 since it’s at those shops where they sell things once and you probably won’t find them again.  I’m using these just for my clothes from Japan 🙂 because they are super kawaii!! 🙂 First section is Liz Lisa, Ank Rouge, Tralala, and then Yumetenbo.  I bought regular pink felt ones for my normal day clothing.


I posted this on my Instagram and Dayre.  I know I plastered my blog name all over it, it’s because I AM TIRED OF PEOPLE STEALING MY PICTURES AND NOT GIVING ME CREDIT!!  I don’t care if you save it because you like it or whatever if you are going to repost this somewhere hey at least give me some credit.  I had a problem with a webshop from a different country because they used MY picture to help them sell some eyelashes that I reviewed and posted on my blog umm…I’m helping you promote and sell items yet I don’t know about it and I’m not getting paid for it??


Not cool bro, but I took care of it.

Don’t think my shopping ended I have more Liz Lisa items that I purchased but you will have to wait until next post 🙂  Here is a preview:



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Back to Bangs and Chocolate Brown Hairstyle

Hello my lovelies woo I’ve been overwhelmed with so many things happening in my life!  You can always keep up with me on Twitter and Instagram and Dayre.
iconwhy One great change I did was my hair! Since I couldn’t have bangs in the summer (because I have natural curly hair and when I would sweat it wouldn’t be straight anymore) I decided to do it in the fall/winter.  I also wanted to dye my hair a darker color. When I was a child I had natural light brown hair with blonde low lights but as I aged it changed to dark brown 😦 But keeping up with light hair is a pain because you have to constantly retouch your roots. So I decided why not a chocolate brown?? I’ve noticed a lot of gyaru models have dyed their hair darker for the winter.  When I look in the mirror I feel like a different person because of my new hair color and style, does that happen to you too??



I went to get my hair done with my friend Steven seriously he works wonders!! This is how horrible it was before dyeing it my roots were showing and ends needed a serious cut.



I told Steven I wanted a chocolate brown but he said that he will dye my roots a darker brown than the rest so I can have more texture.  That way when it starts fading and growing out my roots won’t be that noticeable like how it is when you have light hair.

hairbrown4This is when I noticed hey look a Hello Kitty balloon :p all late lol.

My makeup is for school I don’t put that much effort into it because I’m just there to attend class and leave you can’t even tell I’m wearing half eyelashes.


This is the next day when I styled it and….


I got bangs again and I cut off like 2 inches off my hair it was soo bad.  The color is not that dark anymore but I was seriously shocked to see my picture from February I was blonde 0_0 omgosh I thought I was a honey brown haha.

bbme8HUGE difference huh?? This is my washed out hair color.


This was my “natural” makeup for Thanksgiving I didn’t wear my gyaru makeup because I hate getting criticized about my makeup and all that from my family so I’d rather avoid it I get tired of it does this happen to you also??  Right now what’s popular in Japan is brown eyeliner, and lashes I’m wearing brown half eyelashes here also.


Do you like my Liz Lisa coat?? I got it in the tote fukubukuro.


Do you like my phone case??  (better pic below) I made it by hand.  This was my first attempt of making a pearl deco case and I like it a lot!  I’m testing out the glue to see if it will hold because I plan on making more to sell, what do you think do you like??


You can see the color a bit better in this picture.


This is a current picture of my hair.  Guess what?? I’m tired of bangs now I don’t know why I’m not really feeling them anymore, now I’m going to grow them out.  They will grow out fast because my hair and nails grow super fast.

Can you believe its December already!!  I can’t I still need to do Christmas shopping.  I bought some AWESOME Black Friday purchases eee can’t wait to share with yall but first I will post some Liz Lisa happy bags that I got in SPRING!! Omgosh let me post these before the year is over ok!  Miss yall :*


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The Manipulator People Pleaser

Hello lovlies ❤ I’ve missed you, miss me??  I’ve been trying to do really good in school and when the weekend comes I want to go out and dance and relieve stress, and then be lazy all day Sunday so sorry for the lack of posts.  I’ve made new purchases lately and I’m soo excited to share with you!!  Some of these products I’ve been using for a while but since the packaging is new I can take pretty pictures and all that great stuff.

In my previous post I talked about the relationship I had and I honestly wouldn’t call it a relationship since it didn’t last very long.  Something has been bothering me since I posted it, was that I made him sound like he was a nice guy and HE WASN’T!!  It’s not like everyone knows who he is, but don’t let outside appearances and gestures fool you.  I know posting about my personal life isn’t so great to some people but I see it as a lesson that I’ve learned.  My blog helps me vent about my feelings and my personal experiences that I want to share with yall so you can learn from it as well and don’t have to go through these horrible experiences, or you can just relate to it if you’re a gal/guy.

I honestly always get away from this type of guy the one I’m about to describe and I know they come in many shapes, and sizes but this one was a sneaky one.


The Manipulator

I never saw it coming!  I swear I didn’t.  Ladies let me tell you and trust me I know this from the get go but when you’re in this type of situation it’s a bit different.  Seriously when a woman says NO to ANYTHING it means NO.  He NEVER respected that and I was so dumb -_- durr.  So gals/guys do not be pushy and don’t make lame ass excuses when a lady says no it means no ok??

The People Pleaser

Maybe because of his job he ended up being like this in real life but it was a no no!  Ok one time we went to a friends birthday party at a club in Midtown and we met with my friend and her group of friends which are my acquaintances.  One of the girls boyfriends was making a HUGE deal because of how “long my nails were” ok you’ve seen my gyaru nails posted here on my blog and compared to how other people here in the U.S. wear their nails yes it may seem a bit long.  But seriously, my nails aren’t like long huge claws.  Well he was telling Mr. People pleaser about them in front of me “how can she do anything?  They are so looong eww” and you know what he did?? he said “I know right” WTF I got pissed off and I was like your’e going to agree with him and not defend me??  In my face you tell me you like them but when another person says something you have to agree with him??  Not just in that type of situation but in many he will agree with people or me and then talk shit about them umm wtf??  The best thing to do is be yourself in any type of relationship whether its bf/gf and friend type of relationship.

Serial Killer Stare

OMG this one is a fuckin weird one ok.  Like seriously I’d be sitting watching TV and from my peripheral vision I’d know he was standing there I wouldn’t look at him because hello I’m watching TV and after so long then I’d look at him and he was just standing there staring at me the whole time!  If I was sitting next to him he would stare at me for about 4 minutes straight and this is the creepy fuckin part he wouldn’t blink!!!  OMG that was really freaky seriously he would do that all the time.  He also knows where I live so I still kind of get scared if he were to stalk me because at first he didn’t seem like that type, but when he would drive and someone would piss him off he’d go crazy and would want to chase after them umm red flag hello anger issues.  So if anything happens to me this is a person who would be on my top list.


This is one of my BIGGEST pet peeves and at first I didn’t mind it at all, but he was soo freakin cheap!!  He never once offered to buy me anything not even something cheap and small when I’d say it’s cute and give little hints.  Like I said at first I didn’t mind it at all but then if I’m going to continue being with this person who doesn’t want to buy me any gifts or anything at all then wtf is he just a friend?? I don’t think so.

Desperate for Love

He fell in love with me sooo fast and it was really scary like seriously I wouldn’t be surprised if he asked me to marry him.  That right there is what guys think gals like but in reality it’s not well at least for my friends and me.  Not even a week after, my friend found him on a dating chat app like seriously the only reason she went on it was because she heard funny stories from her friend and she wanted to see what it was about and she found him.  He is seriously desperate to be with someone because the only people who messaged her on there were weirdos and creepos.

There is one thing I think he needs is Brace Philosophy do you know what Brace Philosophy is??  Let me show you a clip from Brace’s YouTube channel.  Brace is my favorite person from the show Gigolos on Showtime.  Gigolos is a reality show about the gigolo lifestyle the most amusing reality comedy show I’ve seen haha you should watch it too but with no one around because they show almost everything…well everything hahaha.  When I watched this I was like OMG haha this is him right here!!   So I hope you enjoy watching it 🙂

I’m just going to enjoy my “youth” haha which I really don’t feel like it even though I do look young for my age.  I just want to be freeee and be selfish and focus on myself and my goals.  I hope you have a lovely day/evening 🙂 :*


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What’s going on with me??

Hello my lovelies 🙂 I’ve been away from my blog and I really miss it!!  A lot of things have been going on with me and I’ll share.  This post will be very personal so if you’re expecting a product review I’m so sorry.

Like I’ve said before this is my personal blog and I need to let out my feelings and thoughts.  I feel like my blog helps me and is therapeutic.  So first things first the main thing I’ve been doing lately is…


Another semester of college has started again and hopefully this will be my last and then I’ll transfer to a University.  One of the main things that has been on my mind lately is my brother.

My Little Brother is Getting Heart Surgery


My little brother who is 18 has to get open heart surgery.  I know wtf it’s crazy and he is so young.  He has a deformed valve and they’ve been monitoring it for a couple of years and it’s getting worse.  He also is super healthy and works out almost everyday.  He has to get his heart valve replaced with a mechanical one and he doesn’t seem to be really worried.  But I AM!!  I basically raised him when he was little because my parents were busy working a lot.  So to me he is like my child/brother/best friend.  It will be really hard for him to go through this because they have to saw his rib cage and open it to perform surgery.  The good thing is that we have the top best doctors here in Houston to perform this surgery so that is a big relief.  He will get surgery very soon and I hope everything goes smoothly and he recovers fast.

New Relationship Comes to an End


A anonymous person on my asked me if I had a boyfriend and I’m not going to lie I…did.  It was a new relationship that started and I didn’t feel the need to post it on my blog because I wasn’t sure where it was going.  I have really good luck of love finding me but not the other way around.  He was a nice guy but too pushy, plus I thought I was ready for a relationship.  Since my last relationship ended badly, I thought ok I’m ready to start over.  But you don’t really know until it actually happens, and everything happened soo fast!!  Too fast for me!!  It really freaked me out, I told him to slow things down because things were going to fast for me and he didn’t.  He fell in love with me soo quick, and from my past experiences I’m not going to lead someone on when I don’t feel the same thing they do for me.  I had to end it I wasn’t in love with him like he was in love with me.  I also wasn’t going to hide how I felt so I was honest with him and told him how I felt.

I’m also very different as in I kind of have a mindset of a dude hahaha.  I know it’s weird but I don’t like cuddling or holding hands all the time, I don’t feel the need to text my boyfriend every freakin hour, or to see my boyfriend every single freakin day!!  That’s not me I’m a very chill person and if a person keeps doing those things to me I feel suffocated.  That’s how I felt and I didn’t like it AT ALL even though I told him to chill.  I wonder if those things have anything to do with me being a Gemini??  Guess what??  My friend was on a dating chat app just because she heard funny things from her friend and she found him on there!!  So I guess he’s back on the prowl…idk but I think it’s kind of desperate how much he wants to be in a relationship.

Still Being Trapped at Home


I’m Mexican American and my parents are VERY old fashioned and have a different mindset than I do.  In our culture we’ll move out when we are married and can do whatever we want after we get married.  Marriage doesn’t even cross my mind at all!!  I’m still trying to focus on myself and get my shit together before I even invest in a marriage and all that.  I still live at home and I’m getting really really tired of it.  Since I live at home I still have “rules” to follow and you know sometimes you just want to go somewhere with your friends and spend a weekend away.  Seriously that is impossible and I’m getting really tired of it.  I’m not bad I don’t do drugs, haven’t gotten arrested, and do bad things.  Yet, I still get punished for stupid little things as if I were 12 years old.  I’m an adult and I’m not treated like one.  They don’t hear me out when I speak to them, they ignore me and say “oh you’re being disrespectful” umm hello I’m just trying to talk to you I’m not being disrespectful and screaming at you??  It’s impossible for me to defend and stand up for myself because anything I say goes in one ear out the other.  I’m ignored and the mean things that they’ve said to me lately I will NEVER FORGET!!  After soo many years I’ve become numb to the things they’ve said towards me and criticize me.  Now it hits me and then slides off because I can’t take it anymore and I know I’m a good person.

So yeah those are the things that have been going on with me lately = drama hahaha.  I just try to stay positive and I’m focusing on school so I can get the hell out of here!!!


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